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Top 10 Best Free Music Player Apps For Android Users

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Posted By Swati Pandey

Top 10 Best Free Music Player Apps For Android Users: Modern smartphones are known for their rich features and utilities. The unlimited world of applications enhances these features. Mobile manufacturers have worked on the audio capabilities to produce loud and clear sound. Google Play Store offers some wonderful music player apps for Android users. The perfect combination of great audio and best music app can make music more enjoyable and pleasing. We have selected the 10 best music player apps for Android users for the year 2017. Some of the following apps are not very popular but hold all the features that you need a good music player.

Top 10 Best Free Music Player Apps For Android Users

Let us have a look at the list of Top 10 Best Free Music Player Apps For Android Users in detailed features:

GoneMAD Music Player

You might not have heard a lot about GoneMAD Music Player but it is certainly one of the best music players. It has hundreds of features that will completely transform your experience of enjoying songs. It lets you play with the tracks on your list with some prominent features like auto pitch correction, DSP limiter, audio balance, and a built-in equalizer. In addition to the basic features, you also get some advanced features such as sleep timer, cross-fade, tag editing, gapless playback etc. You can easily customize your GoneMAD music player with more than 1000 themes.


Install: GoneMAD (Free 14-days trial, Full version $3.99)


Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp is one of the more popular music player apps among Android users. It makes up for its complexity with some powerful features. One of the main things that you look for in a good music player is the support for multiple music formats. You can always rely on Poweramp Music Player to play all types of music files including WMA, alac, wav, flac, m3u, ogg, pls, and more. You can also enhance music with features like Bass and Treble adjustment, 10 bands optimized graphical equalizer, mono mixing, stereo expansion and more.


Install: Poweramp (Free trial, Full version $3.99)


BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player has to one of the best music player apps for Android because of its attractive and smooth user interface. If you do not like anything, you can always customize things. You can customize everything from fonts to colors and styles to animations. It comes with a wonderful theme and the smooth transitions make everything more appealing. It comes with some nice features such as gapless playback, built-in equalizer, sleep timer, ID3 tag editor, cross-fading and more. You can enjoy it for free forever but with some limited features. You can get the fully featured version at a nominal price of $2.49.


Install: BlackPlayer (Free, Premium $2.49)


Pi Music Player

If you are looking for a pure pleasure, you must try Pi Music Player. It is one of the best music players for all users as it is available free of cost. I think that it has one of the most attractive user interfaces. The inbuilt audio playback features such as band equalizer with bass boost, 3D reverb effects, visualize and amazing presets are impressive. It comes with numerous themes to let you transform the appearance according to your taste. It also offers some other features like enhanced folder view, sleep timer, gesture support etc. Pi Music Player gives you some really interesting features without ignoring the basic features. The Free version comes with all the features but you need to tolerate the ads.


Install: Pi (Free, with in-app purchases)


Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player combines simplicity with aesthetic visuals to place itself in the list of the best music player app for Android. The ‘Now Playing’ screen is particularly gorgeous. It also gives you the complete flexibility to change the appearance of the app. You can customize album covers, colors, borders and many other segments to make it appear perfect. It does not disappoint you with the features either. You have tag editor, equalizer, gapless playback, Last.FM support for scrobbling and more. The fact that it is free, gives you another reason to download and enjoy this music player.


Install: Phonograph (Free)


Stellio Music Player

Stellio Music Player offers a unique appearance that comes with the dynamic themes. One thing that makes it different from the other music players is that its theme changes with the track. Stellio Music Player supports various lossless rare formats in addition to the standard audio formats. You can also control this music player from any of the Android wear watches. That is why it is placed on the list of the best music player apps for Android.

Install: Stellio (Free, Premium $1.90)


CloudPlayer by doubleTwist

CloudPlayer has got its name for a very specific reason. This music player is designed to play music files that are stored in online cloud storages. Once you have installed CloudPlayer on your Android phone, you can play files directly from Google Drive, Dropbox or any other clouds. Its features are not just limited to playing files from the cloud but also offer Chromecast and AirPlay support. It is packed with all the basic features along with some special features such as support for Android Wear and Android Auto.


Install: CloudPlayer (Free 30-day trial, with in-app purchase of $0.99 for Premium)



Minima music player might be new in the race but holds a lot of brilliance to compete with the best music player apps for Android. It promises a fresh feel and you might miss a few features as compared to other best apps. It has all the basic features and comes with an appealing appearance. Developers of Minima are constantly working to integrate better features into the app in the form or regular updates.

Install: Minima (Free)


Shuttle Music Player

Most experts look at Shuttle Music Player as the improved version of Google Play Music. The simple interface of the player is impressive. However, you can change the appearance with the help of customized themes. Shuttle Music Player comes is free of cost but you there is another paid version of it. Shuttle + brings some extra features such as ID3 tag editing and Chromecast support.


Install: Shuttle (Free, Plus $0.99)


Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar Music Player makes your life simpler with lightweight application to run all your music files. The features on offer include embedded lyrics, embedded lyrics, fast search, gapless playback and more.


Install: Pulsar (Free)

So this was our list of top 10 best free music player apps for Android users. There are few other music players available on Google Play Store like Musixmatch and PlayerPro but the list we have given above includes the best and free music players that you can use right now.

If you have any personal best music player app then do share with other users in the comment section.


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