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How To Convert A Scanned Image Of Text Into Text

How To Convert A Scanned Image Of Text Into Text: How many times have you have come across a text file you had to type all over again just because it was a scanned text image? It is time-consuming and irritating to type all the matter just to put a simple word or a line or edit the text. What if we could convert the scanned text image into a text without needing to spend a long time and efforts in typing the whole matter? I certainly wondered if it was possible and decided to search for it.

You would not believe that I found more than one way to accomplish the same. I spent a long time to explore all the possible options and filter out the best methods. Thus, I thought that it is worth sharing the best methods to convert a scanned image of text into text. One of the best things about these methods is that you will not have to buy these applications as they are available for free.

How To Convert A Scanned Image Of Text Into Text

Before we move on to the methods, it is important that you note down the limitations of converting a scanned image of text into text. A tried all the best free tools and methods but none of them could convert scanned text into text with 100% accuracy. I also tried a few paid applications but the results were same without 100% accuracy. However, you can at least get most of the scanned text into text accurately. The inaccuracies can be rectified by comparing the obtained text with the original file. Online tools would need you to upload the image file that is not always safe especially if the text is sensitive. I would not recommend you to buy any paid applications as you can do it with free tools and applications.

Use online conversion software

There are a few online conversion software such that can do the job. You just need to upload the file and select the desired output format from Microsoft Word, plain text or Excel. It allows you to upload as many as 15 files in an hour. If you want to upload more files, you need to register and login to your account. The maximum allowable size for a file is 5MB. You can get decent results in a quick time with this method.

Use Google Docs

If you do not want to upload a file into an unknown application, you can use Google Docs. You just need to upload your scanned image into Google Drive through your Google account. Right-click on the image and select Open with > Google Docs. The converted text appears at the bottom of the image. You just need to scroll down to find the converted text.

Use Microsoft Office OneNote

This is the easiest option as it does not require you to upload your file anywhere. Also, you do not need to be connected to the internet to use this option. You need to simply add the desired image into OneNote. Now copy text from the scanned image and paste it into a text file or a Word file. I strongly recommend you to use this method. Microsoft Office OneNote is a part of Microsoft Office package installed in your PC.

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