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5 Common SEO Mistakes and How To Handle Them

5 Common SEO Mistakes and How To Handle Them Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

5 Common SEO Mistakes and How To Handle Them: With every passing minute, the internet is getting flooded with increasing number of blogs. The number of blogs that already exists is beyond our imaginations. Just to give you an idea, there are more 74 million blogs already on WordPress alone.  The number of blogs has moved over 300 million on Tumblr. Everyone is on the lookout to boost their business using SEO techniques. Thus, the competition is getting tougher day by day. You will have to work harder to compete and stay on top of your competitors. You may even need to consider revising your SEO strategies, especially after the Google updating to Penguin. A simple way to revise your SEO strategies is to identify the Common SEO Mistakes and sort them out. Let us look at 5 common SEO mistakes.

5 Common SEO Mistakes and How To Handle Them

Let us discuss 5 most common SEO mistakes and how to handle them in detail:

Common SEO Mistakes #1: Buying Cheap Traffic

Most of us are inclined to buy cheap traffic from any source. You can easily find many people offering unlimited traffic for your website for as low as $5. But, more traffic does not necessarily transform into better rankings. Better rankings only come from the traffic that comes from search engine. Moreover, search engine administrators can easily identify cheap traffic and mark them as the fraud.


Common SEO Mistakes #2: Buying Cheap Backlinks

Backlinks are also popularly used as a proven SEO strategy. But, again you need to stay away from the cheap backlinks. Most of the people who offer cheap backlinks use the fraudulent website to put the backlinks of your website. These people can fool you but not the search engine. All the best search engines are designed to identify all such websites and associated backlinks. You will not only lose money but also the ranking.

Common SEO Mistakes #3: Poor Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is a well-known strategy to make your website appear on top of the search results. Initially, it was a lot simpler with just a few blogs sharing the common keywords. Things have changed as we mentioned at the start of the article. You might think that increasing the frequency of keywords and fitting them in the middle of the low quality text. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The use of keywords does not work well as a strong SEO strategy anymore unless you have used them with quality content.

Common SEO Mistakes #4: Not choosing Meta Tags & Descriptions wisely


Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions can be extremely helpful in improving the ranking of your page on the popular search engines. However, it is not just important to have them on your website but also choose the content wisely. Suppose you want to sell clothes online, you need to have Meta tags like “Buy Clothes Online” or “Online Clothes in Washington”. This will help the search engine to identify and link your website to the relevant users.

Common SEO Mistakes #5: Not finding the Right Apps

SEO has become a challenging task. You need to constantly look for right apps to make your task easier. The right choice of apps can cut down your efforts and save time significantly. Some of the best apps and tools that you can use are SEOMoz Extension, Raven Tools, WooRank, Screaming Frog etc.


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