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Checkout The Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps

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Posted By Swati Pandey

Checkout The Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps: If you own the iPhone, you surely carry one of the best cameras when it comes to smartphones. The iPhone camera apps also add some great features to the camera. However, you can still enhance your iPhone camera with some wonderful iPhone Camera Apps. The only problem is with choosing the best apps as there are so many apps available. Thus, we have selected the five best iPhone Camera Apps to make your task easier.

The Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps

1. VSCO – iPhone Camera Apps

Vsco App is already pretty popular for its great photo editing features and filters that can give your photos a professional touch. However, this app has a built-in camera with manual controls to make your photos stunning. You can control everything from focus to exposure and from white balance to shutter speed.

The user can set white balance level to get the colors just as you want in the image captured. You can further adjust the brightness of your image by using exposure settings. The control over the shutter speed will let you take good shots when the subject is in motion. This app lets you reduce exposure time for fast moving objects that prevents your images from getting blurred. When the light is low, you can increase the exposure time to capture light trails. With Vsco app, you would feel as if you are working with a manual DSLR camera. The fact that Vsco is a free app which makes it even more popular.

Download: VSCO

2. Manual – iPhone Camera Apps

Manual app is another wonderful iPhone Camera Apps. This app is dedicated to giving you great control over the camera settings. It lets you adjust almost every feature that you need to get a great shot. You can control exposure, ISO settings, shutter speed, brightness and more. Unfortunately, it is not a free camera app. You need to pay a small amount of $3.99 to own this app.

You can easily switch between the manual control and automatic mode easily. It also lets you choose the format of your image between RAW and JPEG. You get better editing ability with images. You can have a lot of fun by adjusting the shutter speed and moving the camera. The shutter speed can be reduced to as low as 1/15 of a second. Focusing on your subject is as easy as sliding your finger on the screen.  You can take stunning close shots with the manual control over the focus.

Download: Manual

3. Camera+ – iPhone Camera Apps

Camera+ combines image editing features with great camera features at just $2.99. You can set the timer for 30 full seconds. It is an advanced app that gives you great control over the camera settings.  Its developers have worked a lot on its features to make it a superb iPhone Camera Apps. You can use these settings to adjust the mood of your image. This app can surprise you with its powerful features and control.

This app also lets you override white balance settings to adjust the overall color temperature. You can easily get lost into the features of this wonderful app and make things complicated. Thus, it is always good to try one feature at a time before trying the next.

Download: Camera+

4. ProCamera 10  – iPhone Camera Apps

ProCamera App can turn you into a professional photographer, thanks to its great features and utilities. The latest version ProCamera 10 not only gives you basic camera control features but much more. The advanced features like a live histogram, RAW capture, an anti-shake feature and ability to access either camera lens would delight you. It is not a free app but gives you full worth of the amount paid. It costs you $4.99. While most camera applications ask you to choose between the fully automatic mode and manual control mode, ProCamera app works differently.

I really like this feature because all the new users need time and practice to be able to learn to adjust controls. With ProCamera, you can choose to control between ISO and shutter speed while the app takes care of the other. There are some more features such as self-timer that makes it a wonderful app.

Download: ProCamera 10

5. Cortex Cam – iPhone Camera Apps 

The Cortex Cam is designed to amaze you with its magical ability to shoot pictures in low light situations. This special ability comes with the long exposure times that you get with this app. You can get the exposure for as long as a few seconds.

The thing that makes everything amazing is that you do not need to use a tripod at all in this process. The cost of $0.99 is a steal for the features that it offers. It actually works by clicking multiple images in that long exposure time. It then compares all the images to overcome the errors due to shaky hands. One of the common problems with the images taken in low light is a high level of digital noise. Cortex Cam would amaze you with extremely low noise, lower than all other apps.

Download: Cortex Cam


These are the top 5 iPhone camera apps that we have chosen, if you want to add any of your favorites to this list then share in the comment section.

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  1. Jake ferandes

    Nice Article about iphone camera apps.its too much helpfull for me…please keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jake ferandes

    Nice Article about iphone camera apps.its too much helpfull for me…please keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

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