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How To Keep Kids Out of Your Stuff With Android Guest Mode And Screen Pinning

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How To Keep Kids Out of Your Stuff With Android Guest Mode and Screen Pinning: Kids are always asking to use your smartphone, whether they want to play Boom Beach or to see a video. Sometimes we hand over our phones even if we know the risk involved. Sometimes even your friends ask for your cellphone to access the Facebook or make a call. In the case of children, they can delete your data or some important app because they just learned how to that and it’s fun for them. When you hand over your phone to a child, you will never know in what condition it will return.

While giving it out to friends and relatives you might want to maintain some privacy. So how do you maintain the privacy and security of your android smartphone while giving it away? Well, developers at Android has included two new features- Guest Mode and Screen Pinning, to its Lollipop 5.0 version of android, which provides ultimate privacy to your device. But now the question is how to set up Guest mode and screen pinning on android Lollipop? Well, it is one of the easiest features to use on android.

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How To Keep Kids Out of Your Stuff With Android Guest Mode And Screen Pinning

Guest Mode

Setting up guest mode is very easy and it allows to have a generic profile that your kid or a friend can use. You might already have an idea about the guest mode if you have used it on your desktop. It keeps your settings, data, and apps intact irrespective of the changes that your kid makes in the guest profile. If your kid or friend install an app in the guest profile that you already has on our smartphone, it will get copied to the guest profile instead of download again.

Setting Up Guest Mode

  1. Drag down the quick setting and notification panel.
  2. Double tap your avatar or profile picture. It will show three options on screen- Your Google profile, Add Guest, and Add User.
  3. Select Add Guest from the options.
  4.  Your device will take a couple of minutes in setting up a Guest Profile.
  5. To go back to the normal mode repeat the first two steps.

You can set up a different guest profile for each of your kids. You can individually customize the newly created User Profile by tapping the cog button in front of each user profile. In allows you to disable call and SMS functions for the guest user. This feature is not available on some of the android devices.

Screen Pinning

Screen Pinning is another great feature that doesn’t allow anyone to sniff around in your phone data. By using this feature you can restrict anyone to one single app. If they try to go for another app they have to enter your screen lock password. It is like mounting one single app on your locked screen which doesn’t allow users to exit it without entering the password.

Setting Up Screen Pinning

  1. Swipe down the notification panel from the top of the display.
  2. Now tap on the Date & Time bar.
  3. Then tap the gear icon reveal the Settings screen.
  4. Then select Security > Advanced > Screen Pinning and change the switch to On position.

I hope that above article, titled How To Keep Kids Out of Your Stuff With Android Guest Mode And Screen Pinning proves some value to you. If you have any further queries regarding this then share in the comment section.

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