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How To Bypass Paywalls and Blocked Sites with a Few Google Proxy Servers

How To Bypass Paywalls and Blocked Sites with a Few Google Proxy Servers Posted On
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Most of the companies and institutes block access to most of the social networking and adult websites. Sometimes it is done to secure the organizational network from any kind of virus or hacker activity because they lurk around such sites. In other cases, it is done to just maintain work ethics and a healthy work environment. Some of the websites can’t be accessed because they are behind paywalls. So how can you bypass such paywalls and blocks to access them intermittently and free of cost?

The Tech Inspiration blog has found out a way to use the hidden Google proxy servers to bypass these blocks and paywalls restrictions. Google has few servers online that you can trick to let you access to blocked websites while working as a proxy server. Let us take a look at these tricks to use Google proxy servers to get around different types of blocks:

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How To Bypass Paywalls and Blocked Sites with a Few Google Proxy Servers

1. Google Translator As Proxy Server

This is one of the most popular and trustworthy Google proxies that you can use. If some website is blocked locally by your network admin and has a different language then you can surely use Google Translator as a proxy.

  • Open Google Translate page and choose the source language as the actual language of the website and the destination language as the one you speak. For example, if you want to access a website in the English language which is actually published in the Spanish Language then set actual language to Spanish and destination language to English.;tl=en&amp;u=<span style="color: #ff6600;"></span>

  • Type in the website’s URL that you want to access in the first box. When Google translates it then it will become a clickable link in the second box.
  • Click on that link in the right box. Google will start browsing the page in the translator itself and translating the content.


Pros: The web pages looks exactly the way publisher provided them in your country with all the details.

2. Google WebLight Service As Proxy Server

You might possibly know about the Google’s webLight service and might have had experience with it. This feature is utilized by Google to render the heavy web pages into compressed version when you are using a slow connection. Google WebLight optimizes the websites by almost 80%.

To use Google WebLight as proxy server type in the following snippet in the URL bar and replace the with the website that you want to access:


Pros: It serves the lightest version of the web page that you want to access.

3. Google Module As Proxy Server

The Google Module is utilized for Google personalized homepage service and can easily be used as a proxy server by typing in:

Now the Google Module will work as a proxy server and routes all the traffic coming to your PC from that particular source. It is one of the easiest ways to get around the paywalls and blocked websites without any programming knowledge requirement.

Google Proxy Server

Pros: GModule is the only proxy that can let you download stuff (like PDFs, Videos etc) from blocked websites.


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