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Simplest Method And Tool To Reset Windows 10 Password If Forgot

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Simplest Ways To Reset Windows 10 Password If Forgot: We have moved into a digital world where you have websites for everything. Every other day we create an account in a new online platform. We have online accounts on shopping websites, ticket booking portals, Play Store, Book Store, bank accounts and many other websites. Thus, it is normal to forget the password of an account or your own PC. While you can recover forgotten password easily at most of the places, Windows 10 Password Reset may not be that easy. That is why; we have selected the simplest ways to reset Windows 10 password to make things easier.

Simplest Method And Tool To Reset Windows 10 Password If Forgot

Windows 10 Password Reset using Installation Disk

This method requires Windows installation disk and a few DOS commands. If you do not have the disk, you can create it on any other PC.

  • First of all, you need to insert the Windows 10 Installation Disk and reboot your PC.
  • Locate the option “Repair Your Computer” on the bottom left of the screen. Click on this option.
  • In the next screen, you will get “Command Prompt” option. Select to open the command prompt window.
  • Type the following in the command prompt window. This will copy the sticky keys file.
copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
  • You will ‘file (s) copied’ on your screen.
  • Now, type the next command given below. This will copy the executable (cmd.exe).
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
  • Again you should get ‘file (s) copied’ on the screen. Reboot your PC now.
  • When you have the login screen ready, launch the command prompt by pressing “Shift” button five times.
  • Now you can choose a new set of user ID and password by typing the same in the given command format.
net user _ MyNewPassword
  • You should get the message saying “The command completed successfully”. Your PC is now ready to accept the new user ID and password.

Windows 10 Password Reset using Password Recovery Tool

If you do not have the disk, you can always try the option of Windows 10 password recovery tool. This method allows Windows 10 password reset without disk. There are many tools such as iSeePassword that allow Windows 10 password reset with just a few simple steps. This is comparatively an easier method. You will need a USB Flash drive of 215 MB or more for this method. The only disadvantage of this method is that you will need to purchase the full version of the software.


  1. After you download the software, you can burn it on a DVD/CD or USB Flash to create a Password Reset Disk.
  1. Choose the option between CD/DVD and USB drive and proceed to Burn the drive or disk. You will get the message saying “Burning is done successfully”.

Note – The software will format the drive before burning. Thus, take a backup of the data in the drive.

  1. Now insert this USB on your PC for which you want to reset the password. Reboot the system and choose ‘Boot from USB’ from the boot menu.
  2. When the system reboots, you will have all the user accounts on your screen. You just need to choose the desired account and click on ‘Reset Password”.
  1. Remove the USB and reboot your PC again.

Well, that’s all you had to do to reset the Windows 10 password. Of course, it takes a little more effort to reset forgotten password of Windows 10 as compared to any social network but it is not impossible. Once you recover the access to your PC, make sure that you have all the tools prepared to avoid such incidents of losing password in future. You can use some good and safe password managers for good.


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