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Special iPhone Apps Designed To Make Life Easier For A Woman

Special iPhone Apps Designed To Make Life Easier For A Woman Posted On
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Special iPhone Apps Designed To Make Life Easier For A Woman: Being a woman can be extremely challenging sometimes. A woman has to take care of kids, home, kitchen and sometimes work too if you are working women. And in between everything there are those tough days that every woman has to handle. Being a woman myself I can understand the way it becomes frustrating. I can not share the burden but how about having some useful apps on your smartphone, which can some part of that load. I am going to suggest you some of the best iPhone apps that can make your life much easier. I have selected the most popular apps that are designed especially for women. Every woman can take advantage of these apps to add a bit of joy and comfort in your daily routine.

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Special iPhone Apps Designed To Make Life Easier For A Woman

Let us now have a look at the best free iPhone apps designed to make life easier for a woman:

1. Period Tracker


There are certain problems that are unique to a woman. Period Tracker is designed specifically to take care of all these issues. It will help you to keep track of period, pregnancy, and the mood swings. This wonderful app gives you all the information about medications, notes, suggestions, medical advice etc that can help you tackle them with ease. With this app in your pocket, you will not have to worry about the dates of the period or fertility.

Download: Period Tracker; Price: Free


2. Polyvore


Style and clothing are always on your mind as a woman. “Polyvore” lets you know about the most popular clothing ideas that are trending. You can also share your looks with your friends. It is one of the best apps to keep you updated with the latest trends and styles. You can also buy best brands via this amazing app.

Download: Polyvore; Price: Free


3. My Diet Coach


You always want to impress everyone with your looks, isn’t it? With “My Diet Coach” installed on your mobile, you can get the most useful tips to keep yourself fit and healthy. It not only gives you ideas but also motivates you to implement those ideas in the real life.

Download: My Diet Coach; Price: Free


4. SheIn Shopping


After a busy day at work or home, you need something to delight you. There cannot be anything better than shopping. But, there are several questions that surround you. Where to shop? What is trending? What to buy? and much more. SheIn Shopping is crafted perfectly to take care of your shopping needs. You can shop from your home for the latest designs from the comfort of your home. It lets you know about the best designs that you need to impress your friends. Buy the, wear them and share with your friends to receive the compliments.

Download: SheIn Shopping; Price: Free


5. happn


We all need that someone special in our life. However, it is not easy to find the one who is made for you. “Happn” will make things happen for you and take your love life forward. You can send a charm, look at the profile or enter into a conversation with a person you find interesting.

Download: happn; Price: Free


6. Nike+ Training Club


An attractive figure not only makes you attractive but also keeps you fit. Nike+ Training Club has more than 130 workouts, developed by the best Nike athletes and professionals. This app is helpful to every woman, whether you are a beginner or an expert. There are workouts for all the three levels of users including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Download: Nike+ Training Club; Price: Free


I hope that this article “Special iPhone Apps Designed To Make Life Easier For A Woman” helped you in some trait of life. If you any query regarding following apps or need any help in any aspect, Please share in the comment section below. Share with your friends on Facebook!


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