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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google That You Not Have Heard About

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google That You Not Have Heard About Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

We all know that Google is one of the best search engines. It is easily the most popular search engine that every internet user utilises frequently. You must have been using Google for several years but do would be surprised to know that you can do some amazing things with Google that you may not have heard about. There are many features in Google that most of the users do not know about. However, if you are reading this article, you are very close to knowing these hidden features of Google. We are about to unveil some amazing things you can do with Google.

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Try These 10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Google That You Not Have Heard About

1. Search but with a Tilted Google

You might have searched on Google before with a tilted screen. But, do you know that you can tilt the Google search bar without actually tilting the screen. Try this. Type ‘tilt’ or ‘askew’ in the Google search bar and click on the first result to search in the tilted Google with tilted results.

2. Watch Google do a barrel roll

Do you know that you can actually make Google do a barrel roll? Want to try it now? Type ‘do a barrel roll’ in the Google search bar and watch it yourself

3. Search for books by your favorite author

You must be having one of more favorite authors. Now you can search for all the books by a particular author by simply entering ‘books by’ followed by the name of the desired author in the Google search bar.

4. Explore all the movies by the name of an artist

Just like searching for the books by an author, you can also get the list of all the movies featuring a particular artist. All you need to do is type ‘artist name’ followed by ‘movies’ in the Google search bar.

5. Go back in 1998 with Google

Google allows you to go back in time to see how Google page appeared at that time. Don’t you believe me? Type ‘Google was in 1998’ and experience it yourself.

6. Play Atari Breakout with Google

Searching for ‘Atari Breakout’ in Google will lead you to an interesting game. You just need to click on the click on Images tab to start playing.

7. Destroy ‘O’s before they destroy all the search results

Type ‘Zerg Rush’ to invite destructive ‘O’s on your screen. Stop them quickly by clicking thrice on each ‘O’ before they everything.

8. Google with Gravity

Type ‘Google Gravity’ on the Google search bar and click on . You will realize what Gravity can do to Google and pull down everything. It is an amazing thing with Google.

9. Turn Google into an Alarm Clock

Just type ‘set time for’ followed by the time such as ‘set timer for 2:10 am to set the alarm. You can also specify duration instead or a specific time.

10. Get a calorie comparison of your favorite foods

Everybody is diet conscious these days. You don’t want to download a health app just to look for the calorie are gonna get the pizza, you are going to eat. Well, you can directly google “[food] vs [food]” instead of downloading an app. It will get you a chart of comparison between the nutrient value of both foods including calories and other important components like Vitamins etc.

Get a calorie comparison of your favourite foods.
I hope that you may have found some interesting things from our list of 10 cool things you can do with Google instead of doing regular searches. If you liked it then do share with your friends!


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