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List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps

List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018 Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps: Spy applications are increasingly being seen as an extremely useful category of applications. You do not necessarily need it to spy on your partner but you can use it to ensure that your children or loved ones are safe. With a good spy app, you will be able to access messages, call logs or even GPS location. The availability of spy applications is constantly increasing from different developers. There are many free mobile spy software for android also available on Google Play Store, but there are many advantages or merits in using a paid version spy software. Thus, I decided to compare all the popular spy software to come up with the list of the best cell phone spy software. The detailed review will give you useful insight on the advantages, limitations, and cost of each of the best spy app in our list.

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Here Is The List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps

It took me a lot of time to analyze and compare the features of the best cell phone spy software. Thus, I decided to share the review with everyone to help you in choosing the best smartphone spying app in your cost and according to your requirements. All the spy apps listed here are the best. Thus, we will straight away look into the features and the cost.

1 – mSpy
List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018

Main Features

1) No Jailbreak: The mSpy app designed for iPhone works without Jailbreaking. You can extract the information without out of any iPhone device without needing to install the app on that device. All the information is retrieved directly from the iCloud account.

2) Monitor Keywords: mSpy lets you monitor all the keywords that a mobile user used while using WhatsApp or Skype.

3) You can also block websites and apps: You can also restrict your children from accessing some particular websites using mSpy. It is also helpful in preventing your kids from engaging in addictive gaming apps.

4) Geo-Tracking: Now, you will never lose the sight of your child or loved ones. mSpy lets to keep track of the geographical location.

5) Unlimited device change: You do not need to obtain mSpy license for every new device. You can simply deactivate the license on one device and activate the license on the new device.

6) Round the Clock Customer Support: I really like the customer care support of mSpy. The executives are actually available round the clock to sought out any issues.

Cost: The single license cost of mSpy can vary from $30 to $230 according to the selected version (Basic, Premium, and Bundle kit).


2 – Highster Mobile


List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018

Main Features

  • Monitor all the Social Media Apps: It is an excellent spy app that works for all the popular social media apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, BBM, iMessage, Skype and more.
  • GPS Tracking: Track the real-time location of a user with GPS tracking.
  • Spy Camera: You can also use the device’s camera to capture images secretly and store into your account.
  • Comprehensive Monitoring of Calls: Highster App can record call logs with every minute detail including phone number, date and time of the calls.
  • Access to media: This wonderful spy app lets to access all the videos and images on the cell phone that you are tracking.
  • Browser History: It also gives you access all the information about the websites that a user browsed.
  • Access Contacts and Calendar: A very few websites go beyond the basic spying activities and let you access contacts list and calendar entries.
  • Track Text Messages: It also gives you free access to the text messages.

Cost: Lifetime license per user is available for a one-time fee of $69


3 – FlexiSPY


List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018

Main Features:

  • Real-Time Call Tracking: FlexiSPY one easy to use spying app which comes with the real-time call tracking which means that you can intercept all the calls in the real time.
  • Record Phone Calls: This wonderful app not only lets you track calls but also record the complete conversation in the FlexiSPY control panel.
  • Spy on Passwords: Now you will even have the access to all the passwords entered into the target device. This is a unique feature and thus I feel it is one of the best cell phone spy software available.
  • RemCam: It is a common feature but very effective. It lets you capture images from the target device and access them into your account.
  • GPS Tracking: FlexiSPY gives you all the basic spy features with some unique features. Track the current location of any user using GPS tracking feature.
  • Remotely control the phone: This is again a unique feature that lets you make changes to the settings of a device from a remote location.

Cost: It costs $149 for the Premium version and $349 for an extreme version for a one year license.


4 – iKeyMonitor


List of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018Main Features:

  • Try it before you buy: iKeyMonitor lets you try it for free for the first three days to analyze its features before you decide to buy it.
  • Monitor every keystroke: Every key that a user types on his or her keyword is accessible to you with this software. This is helpful in cracking the password of all the websites that a user logs in.
  • Screen Capture: This spy app gives you a different way to track activities of a user by capturing the screenshots.
  • Supports Multi-languages: If you are not comfortable with English, this app will be very helpful as it supports multi-languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German etc.

Cost: You need to pay $39.99 for a 1-month license while $179.99 for a 1-year license.


5 – PhoneSheriffList of 5 Best Smartphone and Desktop Spying Apps For The Year 2018

Main Features:

  • Monitor Social network of the user: Social networking websites tracking gives you significant clues on something that you are searching for. Track all the messages with PhoneSheriff with ease.
  • Restrict Access: You can use this spy app as a Parent Control app restricting time frames during which the user can access apps or make calls.
  • Geo-Fencing Alert: This is a common feature in most spy apps that gives you the geographical location of the target user.
  • Profanity Alert: It is an interesting feature that lets you get notifications whenever a user enters certain keywords.
  • Block calls and apps: This app also gives you the power to restrict a user from accessing particular apps or calling specific numbers.

Cost: A single user costs license costs $49/six months while the package of 5 licenses costs $299/year.


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