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Know All The Major Rumored Features Of Android O Including Revamped Notifications, Picture-in-Picture Mode

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All The Major Rumored Features Of Android O: We are inching closer to the release of Android O with just about two months to go for Google I/O. Yes, it is not going to be the full OS update but still, it will give us some idea of what Android O would offer. I really love this period of a few months before the launch when the rumors start to spread. The first rumors about the expected features of Android O are already here. As the Android Nougat was released in August 2016, so are expecting Android O and most probably Orio, to come in August 2017.

The thing about the rumors is that their source can never be verified. This information seems to be coming from our source 9to5Google. We do not have the details of these features but still, we can get some idea of what is on our way. Here we will discuss all the major rumored features of Android O operating system.

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All The Major Rumored Features Of Android O

  • Changes in the notification
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Adaptive icons
  • App icon badges for notifications
  • Restricted background app activity
  • A “ton” of features focused on enterprise
  • Media Recorder API improvements
  • Smart text selection toolbar with Assistant integration

Although the details were missing about these features, we can guess some of them easily. App icon badges may be new for Android but we have already seen in iOS. Picture-in-picture possibly could be the same feature that is available on Android TV. It could be like a floating window with overlapping pictures. The restricted background app sounds like to be another battery optimization feature that would restrict the apps to consume battery while running in the background.

Adaptive apps feature would probably allow dynamic icons to make it easier to search for apps on your screen. The smart text selection could be the enhanced form of the Screen Search feature of Assistant. The details about the rest of the features are hard to guess and we would prefer to wait for the details. However, you are free to make guesses. See, if you can get them right.



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