Super Mario was a legendary game in the age of video games. We might have moved on a long way ahead, the launch of the Super Mario Run by Nintendo for iOS users attracted everyone. There is a large base of Android users around the world and most of them have been waiting for Nintendo to release the game on Google Play Store. Earlier, there were speculations about the release in March but now it has been confirmed. Nintendo has officially announced that Super Mario Run will be available for Android devices from March 23. The game was released for iPhone users on Dec 15, 2016, and Nintendo may also release a new version to fix some issues.

Super Mario Run will be available for Android devices From March 23rd

Android users will enjoy an updated version of Super Mario Run v2.0.0 and it will be exciting to see the changes. The reviews of the game have not been great by the iPhone users. The fact that it was not free did not help the cause either. A lot of users felt that the price tag of $10 was not justified looking at its features. Super Mario Run could only manage a rating of 2.9 from iPhone users and thus we expect Nintendo to make some changes to impress the Android users.

Price is expected to remain under $10

While we are sure that Super Mario Run will be available for Android devices, Nintendo has not revealed anything about the price tag. One thing that is almost certain that the game will require internet connection as it has been the case with iOS version. The trial version of the game should be free and the full version would not cost more than $10. Nintendo has made it very clear that it would not be adding any new features. We expect some fixes for sure.


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