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Android Antivirus Apps Are Useless — Here’s What To Do Instead

Android Antivirus Apps Are Useless — Here’s What To Do Instead Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

There is nothing wrong to be worried about the security of your data and information stored on your Android phone. You can get many reports suggesting that your Android device is constantly under the threat of viruses, malware, and spyware. More often or not, these reports are generated by the companies who want to promote their Android antivirus products. But, the fact is that Google Android is designed to be highly secured even more than the desktop computers. Thus, the main question that arises at this point is that “are these Android antivirus apps are useless?” or “You really need one to secure your android device?”

First of all, we need to understand that an Android device works differently from a PC where it is very easy for Malware or Trojan to sneak into our system. In Android, it is impossible for an APK to install itself unless you tap on it and allow to install. Even if you have done that by mistake, the malware needs to break through several inbuilt security settings. This was for the apps that are available outside of Google Play Store. Is it possible for a QuadRooter app to sneak into Google Play? Again the answer is no because Google’s platform scans every single app before listing into Google Play. Moreover, the reviews by the users can easily identify any app that is suspicious and informs everyone in the form of reviews.

Antivirus companies try to create a panic situation intentionally to attract users into buying antivirus products for their Android devices. These so-called security android antivirus apps are useless. The AV products actually use your phone’s resources as they are always active in the background. Thus, buying an antivirus for your Android device is not a smart move. Instead, you can do some simple things to boost your device’s memory.

Android Antivirus Apps are useless: Try these settings

You need to remember here one thing and that is Google Android default settings are very much capable of preventing a security breach. Thus, you must not alter anything in the default security settings. You can also turn on the “Unknown sources” to get notifications whenever an unknown APK is downloaded or installed in your house. Thus, you must always trust the default setting on your mobile to keep you safe from Spyware, Malware or another antivirus. Moreover, Android continuously releases new and improved versions to take care of user’s security.

Some users believe that rooting is one of the best options to ensure perfect security from antivirus threats. Rooting your device is just like starting your PC via Administrator account. A malware that might be downloaded on your android device by mistake requires root access to create the menace. By rooting the android device, we may just open that gateway for viruses. Thus, I would suggest not rooting your phone to stay away from these threats.

There are many Android apps that might be installed on your device that can eat away your resources and data. You can easily control access to these apps by restricting permissions. In Android 6, you need to set the permissions for every single app which allows you to restrict certain apps. Thus, we can safely conclude that Android is a highly secured platform that you can rely on, without any need to antivirus app.

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