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Top 10 Best Free Selfie Apps for Android and iOS

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Top 10 Best Free Selfie Apps for Android and iOS: The trend of selfie does not seem to be ending, at least in the next few years. The popularity of Selfies has spread like a fire in the jungle. Everybody is crazy about posting Selfies whether it is a formal event or an outing with the friends. The increasing popularity of the Selfies has not only transformed the way photos are shot, but it has also forced camera brands to design smartphones specifically for Selfies.

The influence has not just been limited to the mobile brands but we have app developers taking this trend to a new level. There are numerous Selfie apps available for both Android and iOS users that can turn this whole thing into great fun. Moreover, you can easily edit your Selfies on these camera apps to give them special effects and make them better. Let us look at the list of the top 10 best free Selfie Apps for Android and iOS users.

Top 5 best free Selfie Apps for Android

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

YouCam Perfect Selfie Cam by is undoubtedly the best of all Selfie Apps as you would find in most of the reviews by the experts. It has always been the first choice for Selfie lovers because of its simple yet amazing editing tools. It is packed with some great features such as face reshaper, beautifying effects etc to give you a perfect Selfie. The best part of these features is that they are extremely simple to use.


Bright Camera – Camera for Facebook

If you want to give special effects to your Selfie, you will love Bright Camera App by Amazing Studio. It also lets you add interesting frames to your Selfies that can transform the entire mood of your Selfie. It is designed with the youngsters in mind who like to share everything on social media. You can share your Selfies directly to Facebook and other apps via this wonderful Selfie App. Apart from adding special effects and frames; it offers some impressive features like beautification, Selfie timer, image filters and more.


Candy Camera

Candy Camera app by JP Brothers is one of the few Selfie Apps that have such wonderful reviews and ratings. We respect the verdict of all you Selfie lovers. This app has moved a step further in terms of adding special effects. It lets you observe these effects in real time, thus enabling you to select the most appropriate effects for your Selfie. You can always make changes to your Selfie later with the help of inbuilt features like blemish removal, beautification, filters and more.



Retrica by Venticake Inc. is among the lesser popular Selfie Apps but it does not mean that it is not a great Selfie App. It is a wonderful app for every photography lover and that also include the Selfie lovers. The only reason for its lesser popularity is that it is not marketed as an exclusive Selfie app. However, it offers several great features such as watermarking, collage maker; timer etc in addition to the more than 100 filters. I would strongly recommend it to every photo enthusiast who wants to give a special touch to his or her photos.


Selfie Studio

Selfie Studio by Vinghom is a dedicated app for Selfie lovers but with a limitation. The app requires a good front-facing camera. However, I do not actually feel that it makes much of a difference as most of the Selfie lovers own a smartphone with a good front facing the secondary camera. It has some unique features that let you control the brightness and colors in your photo. Some other features include auto reverse, silent shoot, volume key shutter etc.


Top 5 best free Selfie Apps for iOS


CamMe by PointGrab LTD is one of the most popular Selfie Apps for iOS devices. It comes with a perfect combination of regular and unique features that makes it a fantastic Selfie App. Photobooth is one of its special features that allows you to capture multiple images sequentially. Funshot is another out of the box feature that adds special cut-outs to your images. These unique features make it stand out from the rest.



Picr by Marcus Rumbohm is not an exclusive Selfie app but an overall app for capturing all types of images. You can also integrate all your images into a movie using this app. One of its unique features is the one that lets you set reminders at a particular time or day. I have no doubt that it one of the most powerful photo editing apps for iPhone users.



The Frontback app by CheckThis is one of the few Selfie Apps that actually uses both the cameras together. This app is very different from the other Selfie apps in the sense that it allows you to follow your friend’s post and always stay connected. It is a social media app itself where you can make new friends and followers. You can interact with them or even send short videos.


Perfect 365

Perfect 365 by ArcSoft is a great Selfie app that lets you add all the makeover effects after capturing a Selfie.  You can change your hairstyle, alter your complexion, remove blemishes, make your teeth look whiter and make many more changes in your photo.



The oSnap app by Steve Young is designed to make it easy for you to take perfect Selfies. You can switch between front and rear camera with just a swipe or touch anywhere to click a Selfie. You may feel that it lacks features but there is no other app that makes taking Selfie simpler.


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