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What is Google Family Link: The Essential Parental App When Your Kids Get First Cell Phone

What is Google Family Link: The Essential Parental App When Your Kids Get First Cell Phone Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

Sometimes it becomes tough to keep your kids safe while providing all the luxuries of life- Like smartphone. Then why not have one parental app on your smartphone!

Most of you must be aware that a Google account is needed to start using any Android Smartphone. An individual must be at least 13 years old to create a Google account but your kids cannot wait that long, can they? Google Family Link allows you to create a Google account for your kid’s first smartphone and links it to your own. However, that is not the only reason why you would like to install Google Family Link on your smartphone. Google Family Link is an ideal app that lets you monitor what your child is doing on his smartphone and he is safe from any harmful content on the internet. This includes the apps, online content and even the time he or she spends with the smartphone. Let us know what is Google Family Link and how to use it?

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Google Family Link App has some wonderful features including location tracking

There are many apps that can be used as a parental control app. But, you do not really need it if you have Google Family Link. It offers all the features that you need to restrict your child from accessing censored content. The app lets you track and monitor everything that your child is doing with his or her smartphone. A new app cannot be installed without permission that you would need to provide from your account. Thus, you are always in control of what apps or content your child is accessing on his smartphone. You can also control the time of access by restricting the usage hours.

One of the useful features of Google Family Link is location tracking. This feature allows you to know exactly where your child is whenever he is away from the home. In the case of an emergency, you can easily track the location and provide necessary help. Thus, you can have full control over the apps, content, and movements of your child from your smartphone by installing this simple app.

Children can sometimes forget the password of their Google account and cannot access their phone. With Google Family Link, you can easily reset the password from your Google Account. Even, if your child has lost his mobile or left it somewhere, you can ring it from your own device. If you are too busy to monitor everything, you can always activate the safe mode that automatically restricts your child from accessing censored content. This app allows your child to enjoy the luxury of a smartphone without going out of boundaries.

Basic Requirements to install Google Family Link App

Unfortunately, older versions of Android do not support Google Family Link App. Thus, you will need to buy the latest Android smartphone for your child that comes with Android 7.0 Nougat or can be upgraded to this version. Google Family Link is currently available to parents in the US. Google developers are working to make this app available in the UK and then other parts of the world. This app is not available for download on Google Play Store. Instead, you need to apply for this app to get access to the download link. You can apply for this app at the Google Family Link webpage, given you are in the United States.

How to set up Google Family Link once you have the invite?

If you get the invite successfully then next steps are just the easiest ones. Simply visit the Play Store and install the app on your device. Get an Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box device or any other which can be upgraded to Nougat OS. Wipe whole data from this device so you get to the initial setup state of the Android device. Don’t set up this device locally rather from your own smartphone, via Google Family Link app. Follow the instructions and create a specific under 13-year-old Google account. That will run as the bridge between your and kid’s device.


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