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Top 13 Useful Android Developer Tools To Create Android Applications | The Complete Guide

Top 13 Useful Android Developer Tools To Create Android Applications | The Complete Guide Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

The world of Android apps is always expanding with the evolution of new and improved apps. While we continue to enjoy these wonderful apps, we often forget about the app developers who are behind the development of these amazing apps. App development is not just about the app developers, but also the right tools that enable developers to implement their ideas. Let us look at the list of the most useful Android Developer Tools (ADT) which play a crucial role in creating the application development platform and environment.

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Top 13 Amazing Android Developer Tools (ADT) To Create Android Applications | The Complete Guide

Application development is all about the combination of the right tools and creativity of developers.

One of the most important reasons for the immense popularity of Android is the availability of a large number of applications in different categories. It is all about getting the expert developers finding the best tools to develop Android Apps. Let us have a quick look at these tools.

1) IDE

I personally am a fan of Android Studio because Google makes sure that you have access to the latest features through regular updates. It is a great Android development IDE by Google that is easy and simple to use. The dynamic preview of the mobile app design and the luxury to add an external library at will makes it one of the best tools available.

2) Pick Color Code

A lot of Android app developers struggle to find the right colour codes to implement the mobile app screen designs that they have in mind or in pictures. Pick Color Code allows you to find the perfect colour codes to design screens through XML. It provides two different tools: GPick and Just Color Picker for Linux and Windows/Mac respectively.

Download: For Linux- GPick

For Windows/Mac- Just Color Picker

3) Resizer Tool

Resizer is another wonderful tool for developing Android Apps. This tool particularly helps you to adjust the size of the icons according to the resolution of the screen. Now you do not need to worry about adjusting the resolution as Resizer Tool can do it in just a couple of seconds for you.

4) Pixlr for Generating Icons

Android Studio gives you access to a large variety of icons that you can use in your apps. If you are still unable to find a perfect icon, you can always customize the existing images. An image can be customized with applications like Photoshop but is not easy for everyone. Inexperienced users can do it easily using Pixlr, a comprehensive online tool that allows you to generate desired icons or image backgrounds by customizing existing images.

5) Tools to test API

A lot of inexperienced developers often fail to distinguish between the problem in codes and the problems with API. In fact, some developers never even know that the problem is with the API and not coding. Thus, experienced app developers always look to test APIs before using them. Advanced Rest Client and Postman are two excellent Chrome plugins that let you test API before using.

6) JSON Formatted

A big concern for most of the app developers is to detect the JSON response. Long codes usually create this problem. However, you can now use simple online tools to format JSON. You can either add JSON Formatter as a Chrome Plugin or simply utilize the online tool JSONFormatter to format JSON.

7) Volley | Retrofit | AsyncTask

There is a large group of tools that you can use to fetch data from the backend with ease. The main tools that you can use to accomplish such tasks include Volley, Retrofit, AsyncTask etc. Retrofit is the fastest among the three apps listed above. Test results:volley retrofit and asynctask api test performance-min

8) Emulators to test Apps

Android Studio that comes with the Android Emulator provides a good way to test your apps. However, it can sometimes affect the overall performance of the Android Studio. This is where; tools like Genymotion are extremely handy. It does not cause any lag and does its job of testing apps smoothly.

9) The Android Arsenal

The Android Arsenal is the best place to find tools that app developers can utilize in developing new apps. This online directory links you to the progress bars, customized dialogues, animations, animated view pages and everything else that you need for app development. You can use them by simply including the respective directory in your project file.

10) Android Asset Studio

Google gives you some amazing tools to simplify app development. Android Asset Studio is one of them that lets you can use to create various types of icons including launcher and animated icons. It allows you to get wonderful icons in quick time. It has features to add desired shapes and effects to the icons.

11) Featured Image Generator

The development of an App is just one phase. You then need to make it available to users by listing it on the Google Play Store. There is a specific procedure to list an app on the Google Play Store which requires you to upload an image to represent your app. The image must not only be attractive but also fulfil specific requirements such as size guidelines of 1024*500. Android feature graphic generator is a wonderful tool to develop Android apps that allow you to create the picture for listing your app.

12) Screenshots with Smartphone Frames for Store Listing

You not only need an icon but more than one images that can be used as the screenshots. There are several tools that let you capture screenshots but Android Studio is one of the best. It has a special feature that lets you capture screenshots as well as add an Android phone frame to it. You can capture attractive screenshots for listing your app using these tools.

13) Stack Overflow

Every developer has some unique ideas and skills that can be very helpful for the other developers. Stack Overflow gives all the developers an online platform where they can share their knowledge. This online community also lets the developers seek help from other developers on any particular issues related to app development. It is a very good initiative to help every developer. It would be wrong to include Stack Overflow into the list of tools to develop Android Apps.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on the above list of best android development tools, please do share in the comment section.


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