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How to Turn On Encryption In Facebook Messenger

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Facebook has made your messages quite secured with introduction of end-to-end messenger encryption. End-to-end encryption means that conversations between two people are encrypted from two different devices. If you turn on encryption in Facebook Messenger, it will restrict its access by anyone other than the intended receiver and the sender.

It might sound that this end-to-end encryption is difficult, but it’s quite simple. Firstly, ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of messenger for utilizing this security function. Technically, there are two ways for enabling the security function.

  1. For individual conversations
  2. Encrypt all the conversations from that point

Your choice entirely depends on what a person is trying to secure. For example, if you communicate with multiple business people through messenger, you will want to encrypt all your messages while if you’re talking to your family or a friend, individual encryption would be more logical.


How to turn on encryption in Facebook Messenger for individual conversations

On opening FB messenger application, you’ll find ‘New Conversation’ button. Click on that and add the desired contact you want to encrypt.

Next, click on the information button which is at the top right of the screen. Scroll down and you’ll find ‘Secret Conversation’ button.

Click on this button. A dialogue box will appear which will ask you if you wish to turn on ‘Secret Conversation’. You simply have to click ‘Yes’ option.

Now, all your messages with individual contacts will be successfully encrypted.

How to turn on encryption in Facebook Messenger for all conversations

If you know that all your messages are completely personal and can be available to anyone for intrusion, encryption of messages is the perfect way for ensuring that you aren’t openly keeping your personal and sensitive information in wrong hands.

If you want to turn on encryption in Facebook messenger for all conversations, you will have to click on ‘Profile’ button which is on the top-right of the messenger application.

Clicking on that button will take you on the profile information page. Here, scroll down and click on ‘Secret Conversation’ button, similar to what you did for individual conversations. Doing this will enable for all the conversations with all your contacts in future.

You can turn on encryption in Facebook Messenger using a timer

Now, it is also possible to keep message more secured using Secret Conversation timer option. Simply tap on clock icon available in the text box. Here you’ll have to choose how long you would want your message to last. You have options from setting timer from five seconds to one day. When the time is over, the messages automatically disappear or delete themselves.

If you cannot find these options, it means that you haven’t downloaded the current version of the Facebook messenger. You will have to update your app for ‘secret Conversation’ to work.

Besides, Secret Conversations restrict the sending of videos and GIFs, but you can use stickers and share picture. It is important to note that if you access Secret conversation from your phone, it will only work on that same phone where it is enabled on.


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