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6 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home From Intruders

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6 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home From Intruders: A home is the most precious thing to a person because that’s the place where he feels free, comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of chances that burglars or intruders may break into your house and steal your treasures. Only in the United States, one burglary happens in every 15 seconds and 73% of them takes place in residential areas. If you’re planning on buying a new house or already have a house, it is necessary that you take some steps to secure your new home and restrict burglars from entering.

Here Are 6 Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home From Intruders

Let us have a look at 6 simple steps to secure your new home from burglars or intruders:

Install enhanced security system

There are numerous security systems available for various budgets. Many of these systems come with alarms, sirens, CCTVs, motion sensors for doors and windows, smoke detectors, etc. Installing high-end security system will ensure superior home security. Also, make sure that all the locks in the house are bought from professional dealers. If you’ve hired any locksmith to do the work, ensure that he has no criminal record and does the job perfectly.

Improve outdoor lights at night

Burglars strive on stealth and secrecy. It’s not easy to break into the house in broad day light and thus, dark corner and night times become more unsafe. If there are dark areas near your house, it becomes easy for the intruders to get in. Although, if your outdoors have proper lights, they have nowhere to hide. Ensure that you put sufficient amount of lights outside of your house, in the lawns and lobby and the pathway.

Have a pet dog

Dogs are the most reliable way of preventing intruders in your house. These furry companions are always skeptical about strangers and thus they will always howl or bark at the entry of an unknown person in the house. They can fight off intruders by chasing them away from biting them. It is not necessary to pet a German Shepard a small dog is enough to shock the intruder. Their howling can scare away the intruders as well as alert you or your neighbors to do something before the situation gets worse.

Meet your neighbors

Your neighbors are the first people to help you in the case of robbery or home invasion. When you’re away from your home, they can keep an eye at your house- however, if they don’t know you they wouldn’t and can’t do it. Make efforts and meet your neighbors and build god relationship with them. So that you have people around to reply on. If there is something fishy happening near or in your house, a good neighbor will always call you and let you know.

Eliminate hiding place

Bushes and shrubs might give your house an attractive look, but they also are places where burglars can hide easily. Opt for smaller plants; trim down the plants and trees near your house which can be used for covering up.

Come up with a plan

How much ever security measure you take, having your house completely burglar-proof is not 100 per cent possible. In case an intruder really breaks in your house.  You need to have a strong plan to keep yourself and your house safe and secure. Sit down with your family and set up a routine to help secure your house. Set some strict rules for opening the doors for unknown people, locking windows and door when you leave the house and using an alarm system. In any emergency, ll the family member should know how to dodge the situation and keep safe.


You have some of your own methods to keep home secure and safe then please share with other readers in the comment section!

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