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10 Best Tricks To Cut Out Anything In Photoshop

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10 Best Tricks To Cut Out Anything In Photoshop: If you use Photoshop or just started to use it then one of the biggest problems you might face is cropping or cutting out a complex object from an image. Even if you desperately wants to participate in Photoshop battles taking place all over the internet (like Photoshopbattles on Reddit) but you can’t because of lacking skills. You have ideas but don’t know how to implement them in pictures! Well, you don’t have to worry anymore as here we are going to share with you the video with top 10 best tricks to cut out anything in Photoshop without any professional training.

Cutting out hairs, feathers or fur is one of the most detailed and toughest jobs to do in Photoshop. This 37-minute video has been prepared by Nathaniel Dodson from Tutvid to make life easier for a designer. This excellent tutorial is specifically designed to concentrate on cutting anything out of an image. The tutorial has juice for basic to advance. Check out the complete video below:

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Here is the table of content of the video to navigate through 10 tricks in the video and make notes:

00:35: Quick selection
03:35: Using ‘select’ and ‘mask’ to cut out hair
07:14: Refine edge
08:58: ‘Poly lasso’ and tips for straight selection
12:42: Pen tool
16:54: Using a ‘channel’ to make a complex selection
22:54: Calculations for complicated selections with many straight lines
26:19: Color range
29:09: Quick mask to paint selections fast
31:13: Post selection
32:26: Defringe for amazing edges

10 Best Tricks To Cut Out Anything In Photoshop-The Video Tutorial

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