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Learn How To Add More Storage To Your PlayStation 4 To Have More Fun

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With frequent patches and downloaded games, the hard drive of your consoles gets full in no time. Then how to add more storage to your PlayStation 4, so the fun never stops? The 4.50 software update was greatly welcomed by hundreds of PlayStation users around the world. This update allows you to add more storage to your PlayStation 4 via USB 3.0 hard drive. It allows you to add a hard drive of up to 8 TB but remember that the game saves will continue to be stored in the internal space. This little limitation actually spoils the whole thing.

No matter how much space you add via external drive, you will not be able to play long because of the limited internal space to hold game saves. Thus, we decided to guide you to a perfect solution that actually gives more storage space without any limitations. There is no point in having a new drive that will not store game saves.

Here Is How To Add More Storage To Your PlayStation 4 To Have More Fun

Adding a new drive is the best possible solution that actually helps you to add more storage space to your PS4 without any limitations.  It is simple and takes just about 15 minutes to replace the old hard drive with a new one. We recommend you to backup the data on the current drive and then move it to the new drive. Before we proceed to add a new drive, please note that you will need three things including a Pillips-head screwdriver, a 2.5-inch hard drive and a USB flash drive of 1 GB or more. Also, make sure that your PlayStation is updated to the latest operating software.

Follow the simple steps to replace the current drive and enjoy more storage in your PlayStation4

  1. Unplug your PS4 from the main supply.
  2. In you own a PS4 Pro, you would need to remove the casing on the rear. PS4 Classic users will need to get off the top left chassis plate.
  3. Get the screws off from the hard drive bracket and remove the housing bracket of the hard drive.
  4. You can now replace the hard drive after unscrewing the set of four screws that are holding it into the bracket.
  5. Fix the new drive with all the screws.

The Software Part

You have just completed the hardware part. It is time to take care of the software part. We have listed it down in a few simple steps.

  1. Go to the support section on the PlayStation website and download the latest operating system.
  2. Plug in the USB flash drive and format it to FAT32 format. It will erase all your data on that drive.
  3. In the empty pen drive, you need to make a folder with the name ‘PS4’. Create another subfolder inside with the name as ‘UPDATE’ (all should be in capital letter).
  4. Move the downloaded OS file to the subfolder ‘UPDATE’ on your flash drive.
  5. Plug in your PlayStation and restart it.
  6. Hold the power button for 8 seconds to get into Safe Mode during the restart.
  7. In the next window, you need to click on “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).”
  8. That is it; you are ready to use the new hard drive with more space.


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