How to Remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8+

How to Remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8+

How to Remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8+: Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 have recently launched its innovative feature in the form of a dedicated Bixby button to provide functions similar to Google Assistant. However, it is essential for Samsung S8 and Samsung S8+ users to know remapping of the Bixby button for the launch of Google Assistant successfully. Hence, experts have explained various ways to remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8+ for the launch of Google.

What is Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Bixby Button?

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Bixby Button software provides functionalities similar to that of Google Assistant. Despite, Samsung Galaxy S8 is not available in the market’ few reviewers had hands-on time with it and said about dedicated Bixby button to launch Google Assistant.

How to Remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8+

Initially, you have to use a free application referred as All in One Gestures present on the Google Play Store. This would help you to remap the Bixby button successfully for the launch of Google App. Even if you have now purchased or Samsung S8 is not in the market, you should make sure to aware of the All in One Gestures. Later on, you have to follow systematic guidelines:-

Open the App

Once you succeeded in the installation of the application successfully, you have to open it. Here, the application would ask you to do the very first and the most important thing. This means software would ask users for grant of its access for modification in the settings of its system. The step is not essential technically to meet the requirements of the tutorial. However, it is essential for all users who want to remap their Bixby button of S8 phones for starting Bluetooth or something else.

Quick Steps after Entering the Application

  • After you enter the application, individuals have to swipe over towards the left screen, where the tab indicates Hard Keys.
  • Now, you have to tap the button Enable. This will create a prompt to highlight the button and ask to activate Accessibility Service of All in One Gestures.
  • Users should tap on the respective button to visit the screen of Accessibility Settings.
  • Later on, you should scroll down towards the bottom and have a look at ‘All in One Gestures’ present under Services section.
  • Tap on All in One Gesture and press to the button of off radio. On doing this, you would be able to toggle the button to turn ON and thereby, activate Accessibility Service of All in One Gestures.

Press Back Button for Few Times

Now, you have to press your handset’s back button for few times, so that you could easily return towards ‘All in One’ Gestures. Here, users are fully prepared for remapping of the Bixby button. You should tap on menu or overflow button present at the top and right-hand corner and find an option of Custom Keys. Users should tap on the respective option to get a dialog “Add Customized Key”. Once you view this dialog box, you have to press on the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Bixby Button. Bixby Assistant would thus open while pressing the Bixby Button. On the other side, you should press on back button for returning to ‘All in One’ Gestures.

View the Key Code

Once you go back to ‘All in One Gestures’, you would be able to view the field of Key Code populated with number 1082. This would highlight the Keycode send by Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby Button while you press it. Choose Add Option to add ‘All in One Gestures’ in the form of Keycode, as it would listen and intercept. Whenever you press the button of Add, you would be able to view #1082 as the Key Code present under the section of Custom Keys in All in One Gestures.

Launch the Actual Application or Shortcut based on Choice

Now, users will have the “All in One Gestures” for the successful launch of the application or shortcut based on the choice to remap Bixby Button on Galaxy S8 or S8. You should next tap on the circular box placed nearby the Key Code of #1082 present in Custom Keys section for bringing up another dialog box. The first screen highlights the upcoming Action. Now, you have to tap on the Search option present in the available list. When you find pop up of Search options, you should choose for Voice Search. Once you find the step is complete, you would be able to view Voice Search under #1082 Key Code in the section of Custom Keys present in the application. Thus, by pressing the Bixby button, you would be able to launch the Google Assistant.

The launch of Google Now rather than Google Assistant

Now, if any user opts to launch of Google Now rather than Google Assistant, you even have to follow easy steps. This means, you only require moving back to the screen of Hard Keys in the option of All in One Gestures and tap over Custom Key created recently for the opening of the configuration dialogue for one more time.

Rather than staying on Action Screen, one should swipe in the left direction for navigation towards the Application screen. You should scroll down to the available list and search for Google to launch the Google App. While selecting it you will find the Custom Key to highlighting Google. In this way, you will be able to launch the app from Google and view all cards of Google Now easily by pressing the Bixby Button.


By following simple and easy steps, you will expect to get plenty of benefits from the Bixby Button. Users may technically play across this and launch anything according to requirements. This includes the Tasker task based on the selection of respective shortcut option. Many people often wonder and query for remapping of Bixby Button for the launch of Google Now or Google Assistant. Hence, we thought highlighting it in front of users is worth for all of us.

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