#DeleteFacebook Movement Gains Steam After 50 Million Users Have Data Leaked

#DeleteFacebook Movement Gains Steam After 50 Million Users Have Data Leaked Posted On
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Many users are heading to Twitter by posting the hashtag #Deletefacebook. Facebook is seriously under trouble after the hashtag #DeleteFacebook that started trending from this Monday. The New York Times disclosed recently that 50 million users’ data had been strangely and unexpectedly leaked and purchased to aid President Trump’s successful 2016 bid for the presidency. This news was quite shocking for the real Facebook addicts.

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#DeleteFacebook Movement Gains Steam After 50 Million Users Have Data Leaked

Facebook has said earlier that when it learned of the privacy violation in 2015, it took initiative to keep and protect its user’s data. But the recent news reports highlight just how vulnerable personal information is on its platform, and many are making the decision to delete the famous social media app Facebook. The reports are spreading that security chief has walked away from the company over the fallout, and Facebook’s stocked fell nearly 5% at the end of this week.

It’s spreading that Data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica earned fifteen million dollars from Republican donor Robert Mercer earlier in the 2014 midterm elections to pay Cambridge Professor Aleksandr Kogan for data on many users. It’s been heard that Kogan consulted almost 270,000 users to fill out a survey based on Facebook’s developer tools which allow him to pull information on “liked” pages and as a check at the “friends” of users that opted into his app. The data was an advantage for Cambridge Analytica to target voters with specific personality profiles. However, selling the information to a third-party like Cambridge Analytica opposes Facebook’s terms of service. Facebook has already tightened its agreement, barring app developers from looking at friends’ profiles. Facebook declaimed on Saturday that Kogan lied to them by passing data collected from his app to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has also revealed that when it learned of the violation in 2015, it removed Kogan’s app. Even before the Cambridge Analytica news arrives, Facebook has been worried about its waning popularity in the U.S.  It’s known that the company lost many domestic users last quarter and its first quarterly drop in daily users.

News of the data leaking spark raised questions that whether the social media company does enough to protect its users. Like any other social media apps, people always consider its privacy as their first preference when they use it. Unfortunately for many users, it was quite shocking as well the news highlighted the danger of Facebook housing the personal information of lots of users. Various app developers informed that there is still little stopping them from violating Facebook’s terms of service and selling its data.

By considering this entire if you are up to #DeleteFacebook then you have to know that there’s a difference between deleting and deactivating your Facebook account. Deactivating only takes your Facebook profile off the map, but if you log in again to the social network, your profile will pop back up. Deleting Facebook is an entirely different thing for that you have to go to “manage accounts” then you have to request account deletion.

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