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How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear Smartwatch

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How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear Smartwatch: Many times you will find yourself in a situation where an Android app won’t let you save the image you like for e.g. Instagram and sometimes you have to save information from a fact and news app. For which you take screenshots on Android smartphone and tablet. If you own a smartwatch the same thing happens a lot where you have to take a screenshot from a smartwatch itself. Till now it has been a hassle-full job as there is no direct option available on Android smartwatch itself to capture a screenshot. Here we are going to share with you a simple method to grab a screenshot on Android Wear smartwatch.

To be able to capture screenshots from Android watch first you have to enable Developer Options on your smartwatch, which is also very simple to activate. Now I will guide you through the whole process of taking a screenshot on Android wear smartwatch:

Step 1: Open Settings menu in your Smartwatch.

How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear SmartwatchStep 2: Navigate to the About menu and tap on it to view all device information.How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear Smartwatch

Step 3: Tap on Build Number for 4 to 6 times until Developer Mode is enabled message appears on the screen. 

Step 4: Now on your smartphone, Go to Settings >> Developer options menu.

Step 5: Tap on the Toggle switch button on the top right corner to activate the Developer menu.

Step 6: Download Android Wear app on your smartphone from here and upgrade the app to its latest version from Google Play Store.

Step 7: Connect smartphone and smartwatch via Bluetooth.

Step 8: Open screen on your smartwatch of which you want to take a screenshot.

Step 9: Launch Android Wear app from smartphone and tap on More icon (vertical three dots icon) from top-right corner.

Step 10: From the pop-up menu tap on  Take wearable screenshot to capture the screenshot of the opened screen on the watch.

Step 10: On tapping this button your phone will show a message in the Notification bar that screenshot has finished.How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear Smartwatch

Step 11: The screenshot will be automatically saved in smartwatch memory itself to share it to your smartphone, Dropbox or any other device, select the appropriate option.

Note: When you receive the screenshot on the selected device, make sure that you rename the received screenshot file before transferring the second screenshot image to your device. This is because every screenshot that you capture using the above method uses the same name, i.e. Screen. If you fail to rename the file, the current screenshot would be replaced by the new one and you will lose the earlier image for good.

If you have a watch with a square face, your screenshots will be standard 1:1 images. If you have a watch with a circle face, the screenshot will appear with black rounded corners.

Round Face ScreenshotSquare Face Screenshot
How To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear SmartwatchHow To Take A Screenshot On Android Wear Smartwatch
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