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The 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match Today

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It can be easily said that we depend on smartphones and online social media to make new friends and stay in touch with friends. Whether you are looking for casual encounters, new friends or your soulmate, online dating websites and apps are fulfilling all such needs these days. Women looking for men or men looking for women can easily find their perfect matches without being ghosted on or getting hooked-up with weird peopl. There are specially designed dating sites to do just the trick such as Coffee Meets Bagel. Some of the top dating websites are embedded with perfectly designed algorithms to guess your type and match you with your soulmate.

Most dating websites match couples or soulmates based on your interests. These sites ask users few questionnaires to get inputs for complex algorithms which then find perfect match for them. Now, it is not only the younger generation which is interested in dating websites or apps but dating websites are being used by all age groups. Some completely free dating sites are also available online but many of the times we have observed them to be spamming users, so we won’t recommend them. Some partially free dating apps we mentioned here are some of the best reviewed by users themselves, so we will include them here too. So here is the specially curated list of top dating websites and apps only.

List Of 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match Today

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

The 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match Today

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the top dating websites which gives ladies the high hand and control of the chat. CMB is one of those dating sites which has more girls than boys with around 60 to 40 ratio. It is believed that this happened due to the #LadiesChoice algorithm overhaul of the whole site and app.

To use Cofee Meets Bagel, you need to have a Facebook account first which is used to verify your identity. Every day at noon guys gets 21 potential quality matches known as Bagels based on their interests. Men can Like or Pass any bagel from the 21 options given. Then Coffee Meets Bagel curate all guys who tapped the Like button and present them to the women. Now the women will choose from them, who gets to talk. Men and women can accept their bagels within 24 hours or they will get wiped from the interest list. If both partners accept then they become able to chat with each other in private conversations rooms. The private rooms expire after eight days of starting the chat, doesn’t matter you are chatting or not. It encourages Coffee Meets Bagel users to set up an actual date and meet in real life instead of playing around for weeks and sometimes months on the chat app.


2. eHarmony

The 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match TodayeHarmony is one of those dating sites which are more oriented to generate serious life-long kind of relationships. It is one of the best reviewed and the first algorithm based dating website. The platform was launched by a psychologist named Dr. Neil Clark Warren in 2000. eHarmony currently has about 750,000 paid subscribers, 10 million active users, and 500 eHarmony members marrying every day only in the US.

eHarmony claims that their Compatibility Matching System matches single women and men based on 29 Dimensions of compatibility, which has the highest possibilities of creating a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Being matched based on key areas of personality meant singles were sitting pretty with a really, really good hand of cards at the table. If you are looking for a short-term hookup or a night of sweat and grunts, then you should not register on eHarmony as eHarmony dating site is more oriented on creating serious relationships.


3. Match

You may already know is the oldest online dating website and app with 17 million monthly user base as of today. Match was created in 1995 and currently serving in 25 countries in 8 languages. Match is a premium dating site and app which is not completely free. You can sign up on Match for free, browse matches, send “winks” and get matches for yourself too. For registration, you have to answer a lengthy questionnaire which will help Match algorithm to find and suggest potential partners for you. If another user is also interested then you have to pay subscription charges for premium service.

Match asks for $20.99 per month for yearly premium service which is the only drawback of Match dating site. But paid service reduces the possibilities of meeting with bots and the persons you would have avoided in the first place. Match is actually one of the most grown-up dating website and app with elegant design and useful features. Match boasts for creating a huge number of successful relationships which grown into marriages, children and happy ever after stories. This is a common platform for every age group dating needs and not for only youngsters. One more fact is in Match’s favor that the income of user base on Match is higher than people you will find on other dating sites.


4. Bumble

The 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match TodayBumble is one of the most popular dating apps for men and women both but it is more oriented to women. Just like Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble puts women in the driving seat of the chats. If you are looking forward to making sexual and romantic connections then Bumble has the potential to be your top choice as a dating app. Bumble was developed to compete with Tinder and provide an alternative to users. As woman always feel overwhelmed with the received messages as anyone can start chatting if the man and woman both right swipe on Tinder.

On Bumble only woman counterpart can start the conversation if both shows interest. Women make the first move which is the main goal of Bumble app, leveling the dating grounds. But she has to start chat within 24 hours of making a match or else the new match is lost forever. This is the only reason the number of female user base on Bumble is higher than male users. Not only the sexual relationships, you can make new friends if you have moved to a new place. Bumble BFF is specially designed to fulfill the purpose of creating new friends. Same way Bumble Bizz is designed to let users grow their professional connections in a fun way. Bumble Bizz is currently live in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, and will be available globally soon! Bumble Bizz instantly connects you with potential mentors, brands, industry leaders, and maybe your next business partner.

Bumble is Available for iOS and Android

5. Happn

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & WomenHappn has an innovative different approach to match people where girls and boys can meet, make friends, date, flirt and create serious relationships. Instead of using a calculated algorithm based matchmaking, Happn is more based on chance strategy. It matches couples based on if you have actually physically crossed paths on street without noticing. Other online dating sites were making dating more conventional and calculated which doesn’t have the flair of meeting with a person again with whom you have crossed path while jogging, picking up a coffee, or running for the job but never got chance to meet them again. It sounds truly romantic way in which a relation should start or happens to start in old times.

Happn tracks your daily location patterns and notices how many you have crossed paths with a potential user who is also using Happn on their Android or iOS device. The app shows you the profile of that person along with their company and job title in your timeline if you become interested in knowing them further then tap like button or else cross. Happn works better in densely populated areas as you will cross paths with more people increases your chances of hooking up early. On Happen, you only need a good luck to meet up with new interesting girl or boy.


6. Hinge

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & Women

Hinge is another trustworthy dating app to meet, chat and flirt with new people but Hinge doesn’t match you with complete strangers. It has an algorithm to match couples based on your Facebook friend list. If you two have a friend in mutual, only then Hinge will match you. To use this dating app you need to have a Facebook account which not only confirms your identity but also helps to Hinge to set you up with new interesting people. The biggest benefit of this approach is that you won’t meet with some rando but someone with which you already have something common.

The interface of Hinge is beautiful and the app is completely free for Android and iOS users. Hinge also has an advantage of getting rid of the ghosting. Ghosting is the term used when someone ends a relation or stops replying without saying anything. Around 80% of dating app users have been ghosted on before and which is not a pleasant experience. Hinge has devised the method to avoid such situation by hiding conversations and resurfacing it only when the other person responds. While keeping conversation hidden it keeps on reminding the other partner that it’s his or her turn to reply. The only disadvantage of Hinge is that it accesses all of your Facebook data even the private data too and adds to your profile.

7. OkCupid

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & WomenOkCupid one of the oldest and best online dating website and owned the dating platform before Tinder even started still it has got a great user base. OkCupid is available as a website and app for Android & iPhone. This site has a well-developed interface which keeps all the useful information about a person and makes it available to other users. It has an instant messaging feature which you can send to anybody matched by OkCupid. Then you have to wait for them to respond.

The popular dating platform, OkCupid has a big user base so it increases your chances of hooking up with an interesting partner. To use OkCupid you have to register with email and then answer 15 questions which are developed to guess your sexual, political, and social interests which helps back-end algorithm to suggest you good matches. If you are interested in chatting and meeting with a person then press “Heart” icon or tap on “Cross” icon. If the other person responded then you are chat, flirt, and set-up if it hits up good. OkCupid supports ads and paying users, which means you can promote yourself to increase your dating chances multiple times.

8. PlentyOfFish

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & WomenPlentyOfFish is another old player in dating business and created a huge number of successful relationships since its creation. PlentyOfFish is old but not retired as it is still thriving with 90 million active users as per data released in May 2017. If you are looking for an easy way to meet and date with new people without spending a dime then you can achieve your target through the free dating site and app Plenty of Fish.

PlentyOfFish also called POF encourages and helps new users in matching with girls and boys which increases raise your chances to 2.7 times for being matched up in just 24 hours of joining POF. It has MeetMe feature which represents you to single girls and boys nearby so you get more exposure and if they showed interest in you then you will notification. On POF you can match with other boys and girls based on your likes or based on your location. The POF is a comprehensive dating site robust with all basic features like other sites. As much as information you add about yourself and your interests this dating site finds more and more meaningful matches for you.

9. Tinder

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & WomenWho doesn’t know Tinder! Well, that’s the thing about Tinder, it actually brought revolution to free online dating. Tinder can also be classified into the group of random chat and hookup sites and apps for strangers. Tinder is one of the simplest chatting and dating apps. You can join Tinder using your Facebook account or by using your mobile number and create a small profile just to declare your interests. You can link your social profiles to with your bio on Tinder.

Tinder has a very simple approach and algorithm using which it matches you with nearby girls and guys. Tinder offers random matches to users and they can swipe left or right based on their profile picture and the small bio. So it is actually very fast to go through hundreds of options before finding your actual match. If you swiped right and they also did the same then you will be able to chat and flirt with each other. If everything hits up good then you can ask them to meet on a date and go further from there. At Tinder, it doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a one night stand or serious lifelong relationship, you can have it your way. There are some paid features too like unlimited “Super Likes”, going back to a person you passed before, and reversing your swipe option. Tinder has made short-term dating very easy by prioritizing the geo-location of people so they can easily hook-up.

10. Pure

List Of 10 Best Online Dating Sites And Apps For Men & WomenPure is another Tinder like dating app where you can meet new people for casual flings and hookups. Pure is actually a free hookup site which prioritizes your privacy for which it deletes your account every hour. You can easily restore this deleted account if you want to. This is actually an additional benefit of Pure as compared to Tinder. In case something goes horribly wrong then you won’t have to worry about your privacy because Pure will tale of that.

You can create a profile for 60 minutes and list yourself to other nearby users, see who you match up with. If you both showed interest in each other then you can have quick chat and set up a date but you have to be able to share contact details before your one hour is up after that your match will be lost. Pure actually encourage girls and boys to meet online and get further to real life dating whereas other sites try to keep you on their dating site so you eventually you buy paid services. Pure just keeps you on its platform only for the time it is necessary.

11. Sapio

The 11 Top Dating Websites: Meet Your Match TodaySapio is one of our personal favorite dating apps, it also has a website interface for sharing blogs and FAQ. Sapio helps to find your soulmate who is as smart and witty as you are. It makes dating targeted, specific and meaningful rather than aimless conversations. Whereas other dating websites give around equal weight to your physical appearance and interests while making matches, Sapio has an algorithm in place to match couples who can have most meaningful conversations and a lifelong relationship. Matches are selected based on user’s geo preferences too.

While registering on this dating app user goes through a series of inquisitive queries to understand user’s personality, intelligence and user’s your sense of self in a deeper way. In addition to your gender and sexual preferences, you will find the person with whom you can spend your life and after talking with them you can feel the fondness inside of you to make a life around them. You can look for new girls and boys to have dates and hook-up if you want but in a more meaningful way. Right now the user base is not that big which has proven to be advantageous and disadvantageous for different users. The interface is very similar to the popular dating app Hinge or Bumble, so you won’t take minutes to understand it.


So these were the 11 top dating websites to meet your match today, if you have used any of them then do share your experience with other readers. If there is some app that we should have included in this list then you can let us know, if your suggestion found suitable and ranks then we will update this list of dating sites.

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