Malware Discovered To be Pre-Installed On Thousands Of New Android Smartphones

Malware Discovered To be Pre-Installed On Thousands Of New Android Smartphones

Malware Discovered To be Pre-Installed On Thousands Of New Android Smartphones: Czech based anti-virus company, Avast Threat labs has discovered a pre-installed hidden malware inside brand new smartphones. They reported that the affected devices include products from major players like ZTE, MediaTek, Archos, and Prestigio. Other small brands are also affected by the malware but they have a low number of monthly users.

Avast also said the cheap devices discovered with the malware are not certified by Google. The ad-related malware or adware discovered in the affected Android devices is not a new one to security experts and analysts. It’s called Cosiloon and was first detected in 20016 by Russian anti-malware company Dr. Web. According to Avast, the malware is active since then because no countermeasures were taken by smartphone manufacturers or firmware developers to avoid it. Which is one of the reasons that the malware has found its way into newer models whereas other malware has already been wiped from updated software.

Malware Discovered To be Pre-Installed On Thousands Of New Android Smartphones
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What does this Cosiloon malware do? Being an adware it forcefully shows pop-up ads on smartphone’s default web browser leading users to download malware virus full apps, which automatically downloads more apps into your smartphone.

Avast has already informed Google about the matter and are in close coordination to tackle this malware. Developers at Google has started working on the firmware to permanently solve this problem. Meanwhile, Google is also working on mitigations to secure Google Play Store as they have been working on revamping whole Play Store to free it from viruses and malware apps.

Avast also pointed out that not all the devices from international brands ZTE, Archos, and Prestigio are affected by this adware. The detailed list of Cosiloon affected devices is given below:

Note: This list contains only devices that had more than 10 unique users in last month. There are about 800 more device types that had a non-considerable number of users so the list excludes them. The list is sorted by the number of users detected.

Malware Discovered To be Pre-Installed On Thousands Of New Android Smartphones

Manufacturer Model Certified build?
meo meo_tablet_2 no
zte zte e10q no
oysters t72hm3g no
archos bush 10″ android certified
prestigio pmt3408_4g certified
mediacom m-mp1s2a3g no
telefunken tel-1013giqa no
prestigio pmt3508_4g certified
archos archos 80c xenon certified
archos archos 101b xenon v2 certified
e1031h1c tpc-xte10d no
alps nb75 no
archos bush 8 android no
archos bush spira b1 10.1″ no
oysters t72hms_3g certified
navon navon platinum 10 3g no
elink tz709 no
presto presto no
e1031h2c calltab10.1 no
hipstreet 8dtb38 no
alps tab 302 3g no
manufacturer tgw801l certified
archos archos 70b helium certified
elink tab 311 3g no
mediacom m-mp7s2b3g no
tgw710g tgw710g no
zte e8qp no
zte e10tl no
archos bush spira b1 8″ no
alps nb85 no
alps x110/3g no
irbis tx97 no
elink tab 302n 3g no
irbis tz85 no
alps fusion5 no
alps nb105 no
prestigio pmt3608_4g certified
irbis irbis tz56 no
alps cx9008 no
mediacom_smartpads2 m-mp7s2b3g no
digma optima 10.6 3g tt1006mg no
alps jk103 3g no
manufacturer tgw102l certified
alps tesla no
alps supra m72kg no
blaupunkt discovery 111c no
digma optima s10.0 3g tt1010mg no
alps atlantis 1010a no
mediacom m-mp1s4a4g no
alps supernova i3g no
condor tgw801g certified
mediacom m-mp1s2a4g no
global distribution fze l1001 4g no
elink e706 no
digma plane e8.1 3g ps8081mg no
archos archos 70b neon certified
elink tpc-xte8d no
navon navon predator 3g no
auchan q4s6in4g no
alps gen6010 no
dl tablet dl 2805 no
auchan s3t10in3g no
digma optima 10.5 3g tt1005mg no
digma plane 9.7 3g ps9770mg no
elink nb85 no
mediacom m-mp7s2a4g no
plum z709 no
alps touch 10.1 3g v2.0 no
archos archos 80b helium v2 no
lenoxx tb-3100 no
irbis tz70 no
digma plane e10.1 3g ps1010mg no
explay hit certified
alps nb74 no
alps mitab_seattle no
alps winnovo_m798 no
imobil hd7 3g no
irbis tx58 no
e1031l1c s10q-3g no
elink evo k410i no
explay tornado3g no
captiva captiva pad 10 3g kommunikator no
beeline beeline tab fast no
irbis tz21 no
zte e8tl no
irbis tz13 no
allview ax4nano_plus certified
alps hsg1297 no
e1k6h1c1 u81-d no
xwave xpad m9 3g no
alps network no
mls iq1310_64 no
alps etab m7023g no
mls iq1809 no
goclever quantum_1010m no
alps tpc-xte7d no
u63y u63y no
elink m7 certified
digma hit 4g ht7074ml no
zte e8q+ no
alps mt-104q no
auchan q4t8in no
prestigio pmt3418_4ge no
alps horizon h70-g no
mls iq1020b no
dexp ursus a110 no
elink ec713 no
alcor q111m no
haier g700 no
alps a6 revolution no
elink tpc-xte7d no
alps tpc-xte7dw no
wolder mitab_arizona no
zte e7t no
elink m7043g no
alps e@sytab 1008g no
fluo wave 4g no
alps mid3x10pj no
irbis tz14 no
premier tab-5994-16g3g no
alps gen610 no
alps elink8735b_6tb_m no
e1031h2c po10359taq-10223g no
prolech whitetab10.4hd 3g no
alps techpad10qc no
captiva captiva pad 10 3g pro no
irbis tz18 no
utok hello 10q no
alps pro gp no
zte mflogin4 no
irbis tz82 no
alps a739 no
oysters t104mbi_3g no
blow blow blacktab10 3g no
odys neo6_lte no
elink rubik 10.1 ii no
telenor telenor no
digma optima d10.4 3g tt1002mg no
alps supra m12cg no
sensation sensation certified
elink motion certified

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