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7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps Posted On
Posted By Amit Samaiyar

Today I am here to share with you 7 most helpful tips and tricks of Google Maps, that is definitely going to put a smile on your face. From helping you with google maps driving directions to google maps traffic, Google Maps rescues you in suggesting the routes helping to reach the destination in time.

From planning a weekend away, to navigating a commute, or just meeting friends, Google Map has always been the most useful tool from Google. With Google Maps you are never so unaware of any new place and no one can misguide you from street to street. In addition to this, there are more ways to use Google maps than you might imagine. if you are a tech savvy then you may already know some of them for others it is a treat on a platter.

7 Most Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

Let us discuss in detail the list of 7 most helpful Tips And Tricks of Google Maps:

    1. Gesture Control

      You must be aware of the pinch-in feature that is a conventional method of zooming into a map. But this feature will prove a bit clumsy whenever you are having your hands on steering. There’s an effortless way in zooming in and out that probably you don’t know. All you have to do is to double tap on the map with one finger and without lifting your finger, drag down to zoom out. Similarly, for a zoom in, double tap and drag the finger up. This will help you with maps and directions google.7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    2. Add Home and Work location

      Google Maps let you help by saving the home and work location, or for the places that you visit frequently. This not only aids in getting directions on a click but also equips you with the idea of traffic congestion before you leave for work or other locations through Google Now travel cards.

      7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    3. Traffic Condition

      Have you ever wondered that you can be up to date with traffic condition of the nearby place or the place where you will be checking in by? All you need to do is to turn on Traffic mode which remains off in the default condition. Once Traffic Mode in Google Maps is turned on, the route with traffic congestion will start showing in red or maroon color, the route with low traffic will appear in green. So this will give you a fair idea about google maps traffic, as to when to head for your home and which
      route to follow to get to the place on time.

      7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    4. Share trip progress

      A new update google map lets your contact notified of your current location in real time during the journey provided your data connection is working at that time. This could be really helpful at the time where you can track your loved ones during the entire course. Or for those who would keep on calling you, to know the duration in which you would reach them like “What’s your ETA” query.
      Share trip progress feature can be activated by tapping on the arrow button on the lower right corner after you start navigation. For iPhone users, visit How to Share Your Location, ETA Live Using Google Maps and WhatsApp on iPhone7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    5. Relive the travel memory

      Can’t recall where you want on 19th last month? Don’t worry, Google maps will help you down to memory lane through its Timeline Feature. Make sure you enable it, to use this amazing feature of Google Maps. To get details of whereabouts of last month, just click on your timeline.
      The best part of this feature is that not only it will show the route that you have taken but all also about the stoppages you had during the journey and also the pics you clicked at that time. Isn’t it amazing?

      7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    6. Avoid Tolls and Highways

      Isn’t it frustrating waiting in long queues at tolls during driving peak hours? So if you aren’t pressed for the time, you can choose to avoid the toll and highways. This feature can be availed under Route options after you have put in the source and destination location.

      7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps

    7. God View Mode

      Get a unique view of the place using a combination of Google Map and Google Earth. You will need to have both Google Map and Google Earth installed on your Phone. In Google Map, click on the menu button and select Google Earth to open. Place the two finger on the on-screen map, and change the view as you wish to.

7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps


Have any suggestion for 7 Helpful Tips And Tricks Of Google Maps, do let us know in comment section below.

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