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List Of Best iOS Security Apps That Will Help To Improve Your Privacy

List Of Best iOS Security Apps That Will Help To Improve Your Privacy Posted On
Posted By Parveen

iOS is considered one of the most secure and safe operating system in the smartphone market. Apple embeds some native security and privacy features in its iPhones and iPads by default. For instance, iMessage messaging app in iPhone uses end-to-end encryption for communication which comes native into it. By using iPhone’s internal settings you can restrict some of the tracking applications and services to do that. But if you are using some third-party applications on your iPhone to fulfill one of the purposes then it is better to use most secure apps. Here I’m going to share with you a short list of best iOS security apps that will help to improve your privacy.

It doesn’t matter if you are using iOS 10 or iOS 11, you can control your data with below-mentioned apps.

List Of Best iOS Security Apps That Will Help To Improve Your Privacy

1) Cryptomator

Cryptomator provides client-side encryption for your cloud data. It can be used with iCloud or any other cloud service (WebDAV included). Keep your photos and other files in an encrypted vault compatible with the cloud. My suggestion: turn off the setting that automatically uploads your photos to iCloud. On a weekly basis, upload your photos/files to the vault to assure no unencrypted data is stored on your cloud. It will protect your documents from unauthorized access. Cryptomator is free and open source software, so you can rest assured there are no backdoors.

Download Cryptomator For iPhone.


2) Metapho

Upload to Imgur or other file-hosting sites? Metapho removes all EXIF data (date of the picture, location, camera/device used, file name, size, camera model, shutter speed etc.) to assure pictures can’t be scoured for information linking back to you. The privacy policy of the Metapho gets a thumbs up as well. Metapho also supports Live Photos, Gifs, and videos.

Download Metapho For iPhone.


3) OTP Auth

This excellent iPhone app application provides one time passwords to be used with the two-factor authentication of Dropbox, Google Mail, Facebook, GitHub, and many more. The best option for iOS. This app does not use any ad, that’s right. The app does not collect information about you either. You won’t be asked to allow access to your contacts or your location.

Download OTP Auth for your iPhone.


4) Lock It Up!

Lock It Up! allows users to lock a PC or Mac from anywhere using an iPhone. It’s cloud-based, so you don’t need to be on the same Wi-Fi network for it to work. The app does run in the background, but it promises not to consume much CPU.


5) Standard Notes

A replacement for your stock iOS notes. Standard Notes allows for end-to-end encrypted notes that sync seamlessly between your devices. E2E Encryption makes it impossible for your ISP and governments to read your notes. Simple and sturdy design is another thumbs-up.

Download Standard Notes For iPhone.


6) Maps.Me

Client for OSM (Open Street Maps), the offline, open source alternative to Google and Apple maps. All maps inside and all features are free with turn by turn navigation.

Download Maps.Me for iPhone.


7) VLC

Used as my primary music player for music stored on my cloud. Not the prettiest option but the best in regards to privacy.

Download VLC for iPhone.


8) Pay With Privacy

This may be controversial to some but with Pay w/ Privacy you can pay for products/services online without ever giving up your CC information. The service produces a bogus card with a custom name of your choosing. Money is loaded into the cards via bank account.

Download Pay With Privacy for iPhone.


9) Wire

Wire is one of the most secure and end-to-end encrypted messaging app which is also listed as the most secure messaging app by Linz University, Austria. It has the option for live group audio and video calling. For higher security it allows you to use different login keys for different devices. For every new login, it sends a unique keycode for additional security.

Download Wire for iPhone.


10) Onion Browser

Onion Browser is the original free and open-source Tor-powered web browser for iOS. Tor Browser allows you browse internet securily without being tracked at every step. Tor browser is completely free to use. It blocks all hidden scripts and doesn’t save cookies or user data.

Download Onion Browser for iPhone.


Which apps do you use on your iPhone or iPad to secure data? Share your experiences regarding our List of best iOS Security Apps that will help to improve your privacy, if you have used them ever before!

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