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How to measure things with your iPhone

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How to measure things with your iPhone: Last year, when iOS 11 and ArKit arrived in iPhone apps to measure real-world spaces and objects where being offered from Third-party developers. But this year, Apple is bringing this feature in its device in iOS12 via the first-party app called Measure. Dive in with us for a hands-on look at how it works.

While Apple doesn’t want to let their users down with performance and reliability of the third-party AR measurement apps, so they came up with its first-party app that is a more reliable option.

Although I’ve only been testing out the Measure app for a short duration, I’ve found Measure to be highly precise. In measuring the same space, two out of my three tests were entirely the same, while the third measurements were dissimilar only a couple of inches.

How to use the Measure App on iPhone

  1. Run the Measure app.
  2. To get started, follow the on-screen instruction.How to measure things with your iPhone
  3. Now you will see a white dot encircled within a white circle, to start measuring tap on the + sign.How to measure things with your iPhone
  4. Now you have to move your iPhone in the direction of where you would want the measuring, soon you will see the measurement value as you move your phone.
  5. To complete the measuring, tap + sign again.How to measure things with your iPhone

After you are done with measuring, you can take a photo of the measurement by tapping the shutter button in the bottom right corner. You can easily erase your recent measurement by tapping the clear in the top right corner of the app.

Apple has really done a commendable job, as you will no longer need an augmented-reality tape measure to your iPhone. However, you still need an ARKit-compatible iPhone, meaning an iPhone 6S or later.

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