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Wireless earbuds are moving into the mainstream when compared with that of wired headsets and earphones. Although many faced the brunt of the improper pairing of the wireless earbuds in the beginning, resolving the issues and offering a multitude of options has opened a new market for listeners to choose the best in the market.Firefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget price

Situational awareness earbuds

Jabees, a Hong Kong-based startup launched its Kickstarter program to deliver wireless earbuds equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0.  Called as Firefly, the earbuds use Graphene sound, which allows filtering off external noise for safety during sports and long-term use. The interesting notion about the product is the situational awareness it possesses as the specification. You can choose to be aware of the surrounding at the tap of the earbud while you are listening to your favorite music.Firefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget price

What makes Firefly a unique product?

According to the research, the accidents to urban pedestrians is due to excessive use of electronics. Jabees wanted to decrease the value of the current 8% by introducing a situational awareness feature in the Firefly wireless earbuds. Enabling the feature allows ambient sound to filter in that aids cyclists, daily commuters, and runners to be aware of the surroundings while still enjoying their favorite playlist.

Enable ambient sound: Double tap the right MF button

Intuitive control system

Firefly is not the first product to come out from Jabees. In fact, it was BTwins that came out early in 2016, which is a Bluetooth enabled earbuds. You can call Firefly a refined gadget! The Firefly has all the fancy features that you would be expecting from wireless earbuds.Pick up a call: Press the right MF button once

The intuitive controlling system allows you to adjust the volume of the music, answer calls, and switch tracks of the playlist! Furthermore, the earbuds are compatible for use with Siri and Google Assistance, which gives you hands-free experience to chat with your much-loved assistant.

The strongest features

When we are considering a wireless product, we often look for the battery backup. Jabees developed battery technology such that it allows the listener to enjoy music for up to 16 hours. You can enjoy 2 hours of continuous music playback with 10-minute charge while a 30-minute recharge gives you 4-hours of operation. In both the conditions, the accompanying charging case is the answer. Likewise, the IPX5 rating and sweat-proof design entitle you to use the product for an active lifestyle. But do remember that you cannot get into a pool!Firefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget priceFirefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget price

The early bird price

The remarkable price point of Firefly wireless earbuds makes it worth a buy. The early bird price gives you the chance to get them at $64 (free shipping across the US) or buy two at $113. Although it raises red flags given the price of the product, all the crowdfunding campaigns do have their risks. As a customer, you can take the risk or choose the expensive products from established companies. Nonetheless, Jabees realized the product, modified the specifications, and went into mass production. The commencement of shipping the product from July 2018 is aspiring, even though the company has a good record for selling and manufacturing electronic goods.Firefly wireless earbuds offer fast charging and Bluetooth 5.0 at a budget price

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