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How to Keep Your Schedule Organized with a Printable Calendar

How to Keep Your Schedule Organized with a Printable Calendar Posted On
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Life can be hectic. If you’re juggling your job, yoga classes, your children’s school dates, their extracurricular activities, their dental appointments, the dog’s vet appointments, your own doctors’ appointments, date nights, and the impromptu get together with friends, you will need a calendar. When you’re overwhelmed just thinking about the tasks you need to get done, a calendar will simplify your life. Here are a few reasons why:

You Won’t Forget Important Dates

Bills need to be paid on time. You can always schedule automatic payments for most of them, of course. Yet, there may be the odd bill here and there that needs to be written into your calendar and paid on time before you incur late fees. Parking tickets are a good example. As soon as a bill arrives, schedule a payment date and write it in your calendar.

There are also family events, birthdays and anniversaries that you might forget just because they don’t take place in a current month. Such occasions usually involve a gift or organizing a surprise party. Your phone reminder might not work as planned, because it notifies you on the day of the event. That’s when calendars come in handy. Printable options have simple designs which leave room for notes and marks. You can find inspiration if you click here for a July calendar template and download sheets for both July and another month. By sticking them together, you will always have an overview of what happens in the current month right when it begins.

You Manage Unexpected News

Did your son tell you about his school play while you were feeding the dog? Write it in your calendar. Was there a morning email about registering your kids for camp? Write the registration dates down in your calendar.

In other words, write everything in your calendar so you can free your mind of things to do and dates to remember. The benefit of this system is that now you can relax. Every morning look at your calendar and you’ll know exactly what tasks need to get done that day.

Use Colors to Prioritize

Think red for bills, blue for vacation time, purple for must-do activities, yellow for appointments, green for your children’s activities, and so on. This is a huge benefit. Just a quick glance at your printable calendar will give you an idea of when a bill is due when a vacation is coming up, and when a parents-teachers meeting has been scheduled. It will also give you an idea of what the week will be like.

Now that you know a red-colored task should never be delayed, you can save the less important events for pastel colors. These are events you have the option to miss when you’re too tired or just not up to attending. You’ve put it on your calendar, you’re aware of it, but you’d rather just stay in bed and read. That’s okay. Remember, you’re not forced to do every single thing that your markdown.

You Can Schedule Time Off and Fun Activities

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget to schedule time off, and it’s almost impossible to plan the details of a vacation. With a calendar, you can write in when you should book a hotel, when you’ll need to find someone to dog sit, and so on. Airlines have the best days to buy tickets and the cheapest days to fly. You can schedule those days into your calendar, too.

This kind of meticulous planning will leave you with a peace of mind that everything has been well prepared. It will also leave you task-free on your vacation. You can pick up when you come back.

Fun activities also mean children’s birthdays. It’s not only the date that needs to be on the calendar. The preparations must be in place too: the cake needs to be ordered, the event location booked, and the invitations sent out. A calendar will be a lifesaver here.

You Will Pay Every Bill on Time

The benefit of using a calendar is that bills get paid on time. If you’re diligent about writing in when the mortgage or rent needs to go out, when the DMV renewal fees are due, and when your children’s schoolbook fees are needed, you will never be late. And this, in itself, is a very satisfying feeling.

Good money management can start on a calendar, too. Now you can schedule a monthly look at your accounts to see your how your savings are doing and how much you are spending.

You Will Finally Be Organized

One of the top 10 tips on organizing your life is writing things down. In your case, you’ll be writing it down on a calendar. The most important thing that a calendar can offer is organization. If you have 20 things going on, keeping track of everything can be challenging.

It’s easy to forget important dates or even minor things like scheduling a haircut. A calendar simplifies your to-do list by keeping everything written down in one place. It keeps you on top of all your tasks, major or minor.

When organizing your life, your goal should be to declutter your mind and simplify. By transferring every task onto a calendar, you will have gotten off to a good start.


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