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How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?

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Focus Assist from Microsoft for devices running on Windows 10 operating system provides controlling of system notifications and the frequency at which they arrive. It is quite easy for the user to enable or disable the feature in a few steps. Additionally, there are three essential factors that the user can choose from.

  1. Off – selecting this will disable the Focus Assist and activates all the notifications
  2. Priority only – the user can select or enable notifications from the customizable list
  3. Alarms only – the user can disable the notifications but can allow those that have alarms

How do you turn on or off the Focus Assist feature in Windows 10?

The following steps provide you with in-depth information about activating or deactivating the Focus Assist feature offered by Microsoft.

  • Click on the square icon that you can see at the bottom right of the window screen to open the Action Center. If you are using a touchscreen device that runs on Windows 10 operating system, you can bring the Action Center by swiping from right edge to the left.How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?
  • You can now see the Focus Assist option visible in the Action Center. You can click using the mouse or tap on the same to change the modes: Off, Priority only, and Alarms only.How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?

Is it possible to change the settings of Focus Assist?

Yes, you can change the settings of the Focus Assist according to your requirement. The steps mentioned below will help you in making essential changes:

  • If you are using a touchscreen, swipe to the left from the right edge to open the Action Center. If you are using a computer, click on the square symbol located at the bottom right of the screen.
  • You can now find the Focus Assist option in the Action Center. Right-click on the feature using the mouse. For touchscreen devices, you can long press the feature using the finger or styli.
  • The above action will open a new link for the settings of the Focus Assist. Click on Go to Settings


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Clicking on the link takes you the settings options available for Focus Assist. The first three options remain the same, which are Off, Priority only, and Alarms only. You can alter the setting by clicking on the feature icon via the Action Center. The other five settings available under the Automatic rules give you the opportunity to customize your experience with Focus Assist. Below are the details about the terminologies.

  1. During these times – you can click on this mode to activate Focus Assist for a particular time of the day, a week, or the weekends. As an example, you can enable the assist on every working day between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. (or other timings) or only for the weekends. The option further allows you to choose between Priority only or Alarms only mode.
  2. When I am duplicating my display – if you are using Windows 10 option to project your screen via a cable or using a wireless connection, you can choose this option to manipulate the notifications. If you deactivate the feature, the settings remain the same as that of the source device even if you are projecting the screen. However, turning it on will give you the option to make it operate differently. For instance, turning this on will help you to show only alarm notifications when you are projecting the screen on a different screen. It is helpful during your presentations where you do not want any interruptions.
  3. When I am playing a game – very similar to the “when I am duplicating my display” settings, the option gives you the opportunity to create a different preference for Focus Assist when you are playing a video game. You can disable the feature to function as usual or enable and choose how you wish the notifications to appear when you are playing a game.
  4. When I am at home – the option allows the device to change the settings of the Focus Assist according to the internet connection and the location of the device. It uses the devices GPS to identify the location and make the changes. The feature is helpful when you are traveling and do not want to receive notifications but do get them when you are in the workplace. You can activate the setting and choose how you want to receive the notifications. If you did not enter the home address, you could do so by entering the details manually.

How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?

Priority only feature

When you choose Priority only mode, the Focus Assist will hide everything apart from the contacts that exist on your priority list. You can add contacts to the priority list from Windows 10 People application, which you can access by clicking the Focus Assist settings page. Press the Customize your priority link to make the changes.

How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?

Alarms only feature

You can pick this mode if you want specific applications to send notifications after an alarm. You can create alarm from the Alarms and Clock application in Windows 10.

How to use Focus Assist in Windows 10?

Did Microsoft remove the Quiet Hours in Windows 10?

Focus Assist replaced Quiet Hours in Windows 10. Although similar in functionality, Focus Assist received significant customizable options.

Does Windows 10 offer Do Not Disturb feature?

The Do Not Disturb feature commonly found on Apple devices is the same as that of the Focus Assist. The functionality remains the same while only the name changes to differentiate the developments of Microsoft from that of Apple.

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