If you are starting up your career as a blogger or persuading it as always, then there may be a number of things which still be confusing you whenever you get face to face them. One of such confusions is the source of pictures from where you can get high-quality pictures for your post. I have seen so many bloggers asking one repetitive question again and again “Where can I find high-quality free stock photos that I can use on my blog without worrying about any copyright issues?

So there are three main points which bloggers worry the most while finding free images:

  1. Free images
  2. High-resolution images
  3. No legal copyright issues in using them

To achieve all these goals some bloggers might consider capturing their own images as a stock, for which you will need a professional camera and a particular set of skills.

You can go for paid image sources like shutetrstock.com but they can prove to be too much expensive for a new blogger moreover paying for images is not our target, right!

You may go for google searches with search keywords like “royalty free photos” or “free images” or “free high quality images” but they can always get you in trouble as they don’t always lead you to copyright free images rather Google image search curate all the images which match your next part of your keyword. Also, royalty-free basically means paid so even if they don’t carry royalty rights but still they have a price tag and using them can cause a problem. So they are many things you need to be careful about while choosing gorgeous and high-resolution images.

But I am here to make your life simpler as a blogger. I have also faced the same problems while starting my career as a blogger. With the long experience of blogging and exploring a huge number of options to find high resolution images for myself, I have shortlisted best stock photo sources to get beautiful, professional and high resolution images and using them has never caused me any copyright issues as they don’t possess any copyright.

As you may have already understood that stock photos would be the best option for you!

So here is the list of 7 best sites to find free beautiful photos for your blog easily. Depending on your blogging niche, some sites could be better for you as compared to the rest, so check them out and suit yourself.



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers



free stock photo sites for bloggers


Have you ever tried any of these stock pictures sites before? If yes, then do share your experiences with them for other readers! Which one is your favorite?


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