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How To Capture Entire Web Page In Chrome – Easy Guide

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Have you ever came in the need to capture a webpage but not just the visible part of webpage instead, the entire web page? But to capture entire web page you have to scroll also as most of the web pages don’t fit in your 16:9 screen. You would have to scroll down one part of the web page at a time and capture then again scroll and capture and this goes on the whole length. After capturing all parts then cobble together all the pieces. That is just not a good idea, so what are your options?

If you only need the data of entire web page then you can always go with the Google Chrome’s native option of saving the entire webpage as PDF file by pressing ctrl+p. But this native feature of Chrome only saves the main content area of the web page not the elements in the sidebar, header, footer, special effects. That too in a non-editable PDF format! So you really need to take a screenshot of an entire webpage but how to do it? Let us get to two best methods to capture entire web page easily whether you are on Windows 7, 8, 10 or Linux PC or Mac.

How To Capture Entire Web page In Chrome – Easy Guide

There are two best methods to capture the entire website page – Using the native hidden feature of Chrome or using Full Page Screen Capture Chrome plugin. For the first approach to take the screenshot of whole webpage in one go follow the below guide step by step:

Step 1: Press two combinations of keys to bring about this hidden native feature. These keyboard shortcuts will open up the Developer Tools of Google Chrome just like below:

On Mac
1. Alt + Command + I
2. Command + Shift + P

On Windows/Linux/Chrome OS
1. Ctrl + Shift + I
2. Ctrl + Shift + P

How To Capture Entire Web Page In Chrome - Easy Guide

Step 2: Now type “screenshot” in the search bar and you will see three options for taking a screenshot, select “capture full-size screenshot” from options. On clicking on this option browser will pop-up to ask for save location. Set folder of your choice and you can find the full-page screenshot in the same target folder.How To Capture Entire Web Page In Chrome - Easy Guide

How To Capture Entire Web Page In Chrome - Easy Guide


Note: This tool works best on text-heavy pages and won’t necessarily work on web apps. After testing this tool with several different web apps, we’ve concluded it really just depends on the app. (For example, in Google Docs, the tool will only capture the visible window, while in Mobiviki it captures the entire length of the page.)

Google Chrome includes a built-in screenshot tool, but it’s a bit hidden. You’ll first enter two sets of keyboard shortcuts, then enter a command to capture a full-page screenshot of any web page. Start by using the shortcut pairs below—enter the first shortcut, followed by the second—depending on your operating system:


How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot with a Custom Size

The keyboard shortcut method is a great way to quickly get the screenshot you need, but if you want to customize the width of your screenshot, you’ll have to take a few more steps to get it.

Step 1: Open Developer Tools

First, you’ll need to open Developer Tools in Chrome—the first step from before. You can do this by opening the “More Options” menu on your Chrome toolbar, or by using the shortcut Alt + Command + I on Mac or Ctrl + Shift + C on Windows as before.

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

This will open a whole world of developer tools, including the surprisingly useful Inspect Element tool. But you’re looking for the Device Toolbar—one small icon in the top-center of the Developer Tools that looks like a phone on top of a tablet (or, two rectangles). Click on this to open a responsive version of the web page.

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

Step 2: Choose Your Size

In the Device Toolbar, you’ll see three options for your view: a dropdown menu (currently set to Responsive), the dimensions of the view, and the zoom level. Adjust these to customize your screenshot.

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

Once you’ve done, you’re good to go!

Step 3: Capture the Screenshot!

To download your full-page screenshot, just open the extra menu options in your Device Toolbar (see screenshot), and select “Capture full size screenshot.”

Full Page Screenshots in Chrome

Chrome will automatically download the full page. From here, crop as needed to get the image you need.

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