Oculus Floor positioning in VR is broken, company investigating

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Oculus Floor positioning in VR is broken, the company investigating: If you are facing the problem with floor positioning on Oculus VR then you are not alone. PiunikaWeb reported the issue first time with Oculus as a number of users have reported the malfunction of height sensor after recent Oculus Update. After the recent update, they are stuck in the air and floating at 5-6 feet above the ground.

With so many users facing the same problem it is confirmed that this update has left Oculus VR headset broken. A number of users have been reporting the issue from some days now on company’s official help forum (link 1, link 2, link 3) and Reddit forum regarding this broken height adjustment on VR.

Another user is facing a problem with his Oculus Rift headset which sounds more of RAM optimization issue rather being the sensor issue only but other users also mentioned to be facing the same problem so it seemed mentionable here.

Oculus Floor positioning in VR is broken, the company investigating

Here are some of their issues:

I just moved my computer had to reset everything and now no matter how many times I run setup it shows me way above the floor so nothing runs right. Resetting my height doesn’t help.

I am getting the same problem, ever time I try to set up I’m at a different height . Now getting a message oops something went wrong at start up.

I am having the same issues. Running setup keeps making it worse. 6, 10, 20, feet in the air above my Home so I keep running setup over and over and now I am stuck at the “Set Your View in VR” step and when I put on the headset as instructed I see nothing.

Really weird, I set up 3 Oculuses today.
#1 – Floating up above the clouds
#2 – Standing on the ground but with about a 5 degree tilt to the left

One of the Reddit users has reported a solution to this height adjustment problem but we would suggest you wait for the official fix to come:

This was how I got things working again… Cutting and pasting the AppData folders named Oculus (2 of them in ‘Local’ for me) After restarting the Oculus software I was able to copy the appData folders back, declining to replace the database folders that had been recreated. Job done.

Some users also reported to have resolved the problem by uninstalling the Oculus Home software completely then reinstalling it but others deny this to troubleshoot the issue.

It looks like the update which was supposed to resolve bugs from your current software has actually brought new bugs to the software.

Oculus is working to resolve the issue!

The staff at Oculus has been asking users to generate tickets. They also updating companinants that the developer team at Oculus is investigating the issue. They have not made it clear when the problem with Oculus will be resolved, so you have to wait patiently.

We’re investigating some issues with tracking height now.

We’re aware and looking into the issue. It would help to submit a bug report. You can do this in the Help Center (lower left of Oculus app) by clicking Provide Feedback. Thanks.

Oculus Floor positioning in VR is broken, company investigating

Are you facing some problem with your Oculus VR headset, do share in the comment section!

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