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How to enable YouTube PIP mode without YouTube Red on Android

How to enable YouTube PIP mode without YouTube Red on Android Posted On
Posted By Swati Pandey

Have you updated your phone to the Android Oreo? If so, then it is time for you to try the amazing and the most awaited feature offered by Google – PIP or Picture-in-Picture mode. The beneficiary of the function was YouTube. However, during the initial phase, Google allowed the advantage of playback of a video behind a video for those with YouTube Red subscriptions.

The recent events tell the story otherwise! Yes, recent developments state that several videos are allowing PIP without the need for YouTube Red subscriptions. Yes, you are right if you are expecting a catch behind the sudden change. After all, companies do not like to give away things for free, especially when there is involvement of subscriptions.

What is PIP mode?

As you are new to the feature, here is a brief explanation of it. PIP mode or Picture-in-Picture mode helps you to multi-task while watching a video. Unlike previous versions where you had to close the video to open another application on the phone, PIP allows you to continue the video and work with an application.

When you select the option, the video resizes or minimizes to the overlay window that you can move around the screen and place according to the requirement. Although available for YouTube Red subscriptions, the steps mentioned below will give you a choice to override the same and enjoy the option. Of course, we are not presenting you a solution that involves hacking or exploiting the terms set by Google! All you need is to use a web browser that assists the PIP mode.

How to enable YouTube PIP mode without YouTube Red on Android

YouTube Red is available only for particular countries. Therefore, not everybody, even though running on Android Oreo, is capable of utilizing the significant development provided by Google. The simple trick explained below will help you to use the feature with ease. However, you do require a few pre-requisites!

1.    Pre-requisites

Make sure that the device is running on Android Oreo 8.0 or later. Install Google Chrome browser on your device. After installation of the browser, ensure that you are permitting for the app to use the PIP mode.

2.    Steps to enable PIP mode

Open the Settings app on your phone

Select Apps & Notifications from the options

Scroll down until you see the Special App Access Tap it to select the same

From the list, choose Picture-in-Picture feature

Now, select Chrome and toggle the blue switch to the right to activate the option

Exit the Settings app

How to work while watching a video?

The above steps help you to activate the Picture-in-Picture mode for Google Chrome. Assuming that you followed the steps and enabled the feature, the next step involves turning the mobile version of the Chrome into Desktop version to enjoy the advantage offered by PIP. Follow the steps below to enjoy the same:

  1. Launch Google Chrome from the app drawer or the Home screen by clicking the icon.
  2. Input YouTube and open the website.
  3. You can now search for a video that you wish to watch while you are working with another application. Play the desired video from the list.
  4. Click the three dots appearing on the top right corner of the menu bar of the Chrome. It will open the options menu.
  5. From the options list, look for Desktop Site, and mark the box provided against the choice.
  6. Performing this will turn the existing mobile version into a desktop version, which is similar to the one that you use on a desktop.
  7. Now that the Chrome changes to the desktop version, you can play the video full-screen by tapping the square box appearing at the bottom corner of the video.
  8. Now, to enable the Picture-in-Picture feature, press the Home button of your device. It will shrink the video window and brings you to the Home screen. You can drag the shrunk video across the screen and place it at the desired position according to your convenience. Note that the PIP mode may not always function for all the videos. In such instances, you can follow the above steps to turn the desired video into PIP mode.
  9. You can now open an application or perform an action that you like while watching the video.


Google has always brought the best features that provide a great working experience. With continuous development through feedback, the company is offering an exciting feature called Picture-in-Picture mode. However, it limited the availability to a few countries, and, of course, to Red subscribers.

Nonetheless, current developments show that it is viable to use the feature on any device running on Android Oreo 8.0 or later. The steps mentioned above are helpful in enabling the feature even if you are not a Red subscriber!

Make sure to activate the option and use Google Chrome to work quickly without exiting the video!


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