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Skype May Be Working On New App Supporting Dual-Screen Devices

Skype's New App May Support Dual-Screen Devices Posted On
Posted By Parveen

Skype May Be Working On New App Supporting Dual-Screen Devices: Perhaps Skype is developing a new app layout with dual-screen support. The news came into light when Zac Bowden, Senior Editor at WindowsCentral posted on Twitter with a leaked screenshot of Skype app while tagging Daniel Rubino, Executive Editor and Reviewer at WindowsCentral.

He also included “:P” emoji so till now we are not sure if the screenshot is a real one and from a trustworthy source. So, for now, we can only assume that as it’s coming from a Senior Editor at WindowsCentral, there would be some fire with the smoke.

In the screenshot, we can see that the displayed page of the app is divided into two color panels. The recipient and caller both are visible at a time and it’s plausible that caller will be able to watch self and the recipient in full size simultaneously or just the usual way. The frame of the window shows that it’s a Windows application.

This could also be a hoax only but we are still waiting for an official announcement from communication app’s developers. As major tech giants like Microsoft and Asus are working on dual-screen devices like Surface so application developers may also be working on apps to support them, right! Once there is an update from Skype, we will update you, so stay tuned and subscribe!

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