This PUBG Glitch Lets Players Turn Invisible Racking Up Some Cheap Kills

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Posted By Amit Samaiyar

This PUBG Glitch Lets Players Turn Invisible Racking Up Some Cheap Kills: PUBG is already heading to be the most sensational game of this year, with the breakout hit for the gaming industry in the past year was Battle Royale. And with both titles competing fervently, there are bound to give updates which seek to add more fun to the gameplay and make things more lucrative for those willing to part with their money.

Often these updates come along with glitches, and the latest one in PUBG is quite cool. The bugs let player hide under the map making them invisible racking up some easy kills on unsuspecting enemies. This glitch is exclusively on the new update of Sanhok Map.

The video above from Youtuber niKlaS shows the glitch works, which was spotted by Kotaku. “Today I found a glitch spot in PUBG where you can get between the map and what is under there,” niKlaS said. “You can shoot other players or hide in there as shown. It’s the only house that I know of where it works.”
Keep that thing in mind that this PUBG glitch is exclusive to only Sanhok map, and hence you won’t be able to use it in any other maps. We would also not suggest anyone use it as there are so many players out there looking for a fair play.

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