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10 Best Alternative Free Word Processor Programs To MS Word

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10 Best Alternative Free Word Processor Programs To MS Word: When it comes to creating or editing a document, the first editing tool that comes to your mind is the MS Word. Because Microsoft developed the software such that it integrates with other applications with ease. MS Word is leading word processing software for it offers extensive format support and high-quality templates.

However, MS Word costs you a bomb (around $200), even if you choose the yearly subscription. But there are few good MS Word alternatives that you can use to edit any word document easily without paying a penny. These alternative free word processing software support templates, offer advanced formatting, compatible with the file formats supported by Microsoft Word and are free, of course.

If you are exploring for the best alternatives to MS Word, then let’s get started with the list portrayed below that do not require any subscription and are totally free of cost.

10 Best Alternative Free Word Processor Programs To MS Word

1.     NeoOffice

NeoOffice ensured that it is still in business by offering the free software for Mac users. It is the perfect program for aficionados of MS Word. Included in the application are spreadsheet, presentation program, and word processor. It opens any file format with ease. Apart from this, the free word program gives you the chance to import images from scanners and cameras.

Link to download NeoOffice


2.     WordGraph

WordGraph is another free word processing software. Although it does have a few problems, for which you will find solutions through the links provided by it, it is still on the list because it provides features that other word processors fail to offer. You get superscript, subscript, and tile two or more documents in either of the direction. The layout is unique and colorful!

Link to download WordGraph


3.     LibreOffice

LibreOffice word processing software is an open source program and MS Word alternative with expanding the community. It is suitable for all those you love the previous versions of the MS Word. You will find no trouble in sharing documents created using this software, as it offers extensive file extension compatibility including DOC and DOCX. You can also integrate with other tools.

Link to download LibreOffice


4.     WPS Office Free

WPS Office Free has a sleek and intuitive design. The free word processor features ribbon interface and is very similar to that of Microsoft Word. You can open any text document. You can save a file in DOCX format or the WPS format, which is the proprietary extension. It includes cloud support for up to 1GB free storage, which gives you the chance to create, open, edit, and share from anywhere! Apart from existing templates, you can download more according to the need.

Link to download WPS Office 


5.     Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice shares the same base code as that of WPS Office. Therefore, the interface is similar to WPS and Microsoft Word. Apache offers excellent compatibility with file extensions and works seamlessly with presentation applications, linked database, and spreadsheets. The templates available for use are few. However, you can download from the thousands that are available.

Link to download Apache OpenOffice


6.     Kingsoft Writer

Kingsoft Writer is a free word processing program that is easy to use and free. The tabbed interface, uncluttered menu, and clean design make it easy to create a document. Like the MS Word, the program performs an automatic spell check. Like the Word from Microsoft, you can also add additional dictionaries to the library, create a cover page, use built-in templates, and encrypt documents.

Link to download Kingsoft Writer 


7.     AbiWord

AbiWord is another word processing software and has many features in common like that of the MS Word. It has spell check and other formatting options, making it easy for you to create documents, open and edit existing ones. You can further make changes, keep track of the same, and share files quickly. The layout is simple with no mess up.

Link to download AbiWord


8.     SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker FreeOffice word processing software is a free suite and an excellent alternative to Microsoft Word. The TextMaker application in the suit allows you to create documents similar to MS Word. You can create, open, and edit documents with ease. Download templates, track changes, and share them quickly for collaborative work! The impressive specialty of the application is its cross-compatibility. You can download the suite for Linux, Windows, and Android.

Link to download SoftMaker FreeOffice


9.     Jarte

Based on Microsoft WordPad Engine, Jarte is a free word processing software. The paid version has additional features and functionalities. However, you will find yourself comfortable with the free version, as it has all the elements necessary to create a document. Features include portability, support for the touchscreen, small resource management, built-in spell checker, quick loading time, and tabbed interface. You can also export a document as an HTML or PDF file. Like that of MS Word, you can save the document from one minute to 20 minutes.

Link to download Jarte


10.  FocusWriter

FocusWriter free word processor is portable, convenient to use, and has a minimal interface. You will be viewing all the features once you switch to the full-screen mode. The automatic hiding of the menu and the buttons make it convenient for you to create a document. You will come across all the essential editing features as offered by MS Word. Although spell check is available, you cannot see the mistakes because it is not live.

Link to download FocusWriter



There are many free word processing programs available that you can make use of! The ten best alternatives covered in this article are the tip of the iceberg. In the end, the one that meets your requirement is the one that offers the features that you use more often. I hope you like the options mentioned above! If you do then please share them to keep us motivated and help your friends out.

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