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IOTransfer 3 Review: A comprehensive solution for iOS media management

IOTransfer 3 Review: A comprehensive solution for iOS media management Posted On
Posted By Parveen

There is no denying Apple makes some of the most capable, feature-rich media consumption devices and gadgets. The tremendous and steady popularity of devices like iPhone and iPad bear testimony to that. With each iteration and refresh of iOS, Apple adds more useful features for users of these devices. While the newest iteration of iOS comes with decent media management and sharing features, owners who also use, windows based computers may feel the need for a tool to facilitate better media management. If you are among these users and want a robust iOS media management tool, IOTransfer 3 is an ideal solution.IOTransfer 3 Review: A comprehensive solution for iOS media management

The amazing features of IOTransfer 3

With IOTransfer 3, you can manage media stored and downloaded on your iOS devices without breaking a sweat. The iPhone transfer software comes with several useful features using which you can manage media transfer, conversion and download smoothly.

  • Image sharing and management- Both iPhone and iPad devices can be used to take stunning pictures, in varying light conditions. With this tool’s Easy Photo Manager, you can manage the clicked images and transfer them between devices and computers without fuss. The nice thing is that you need not depend solely on iTunes anymore.
  • Music management- A lot of iPad and iPhone users love listening to music using the devices. With IOTransfer3, they can transfer music files between computers and iOS devices quickly. Sharing your favorite tracks with others is simple with it.
  • Downloading YouTube videos and sharing- You may have shot plenty of HD quality videos in your recent vacation on your iPad or iPhone. With IOTransfer3, sharing, converting and managing these videos become simple. It can also be used to Download YouTube Videos You can download rare videos of live music concerts and films matching your penchant from the web.
  • Video conversion- With IOTransfer 3, you can also convert videos to formats of your choice. This is ideal when you find some videos are not playing properly or are not supported by another device you use! Its inbuilt video converter can be used to convert downloaded videos to popular formats like MKV, FLV, and AVI etc. Post conversion you can transfer the videos between PC and iOS devices. If you are wondering how to convert videos with IOTransfer3, check this link.
  • Back up of phone data and contacts- IOTransfer 3 is not only helpful in managing media content, but it is also useful for backing up data of your iPhone and iPad. The tool can be used as a contact backup tool for iOS device users. This can be helpful if you find the contact list on your iPhone is growing with time and you want to save and backup contacts on a PC. The tool doubles up as an effective iPhone/iPad Data Backup tool! Along with the photo, video, and music, you can back up content like ebooks and podcasts. You can transfer the content to a PC and keep a backup. It eliminates the need to worry about data loss which can be caused by damage to the device or theft.

Unmatched ease of usage

The feature set of IOTransfer 3 is compelling enough for most iPhone/iPad users – for sure. However, any doubt you may still have about churning out the licensing fee will get eradicated when you analyze its ease of usage.

The software can be used without requiring cables and wires- which should entice the buyers. Its AIR-TRANS technology, which makes use of WiFi Direct, eliminates the need to use USB cables. You can use the home Wifi network to transfer content between iOS devices and PC. It comes with a cleanup tool for iOS devices too. This multilingual software supports various Windows versions.


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