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10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) – Showbox Alternatives 2018

10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018 Posted On
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10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) – Showbox Alternatives 2018: Movies are the best source of entertainment and you should know about all the alternatives available. The best option to streaming movies and tv was believed to be – Showbox app and if you know about this option, then you are a big movie buff. But now Showbox app is not available on Google Play Store. But you can search the internet for Showbox Android APK files to download and install it and stream unlimited movies. But if you are not able to find your favorite movies or TV shows on the official app of Showbox, then you need to seriously find more alternatives to Showbox.

The amazing part about Showbox and apps similar to Showbox is that you can connect it with your PC or smartphone without any hassles. The world has come to a common platform and everyone is using the Android and iOS platforms to get their daily dose of Megabox HD. If you need some source to work upon for your entertainment quotient, then you need to know about these 10 best movie apps for android like Showbox.


10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) – Showbox Alternatives 2018

1. Playbox HD (Android, iOS) – Best Alternative to Showbox10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

This is the nearest alternative to Showbox and if you are not a regular at Showbox, then you would not be able to differentiate at all. You can find out if the app is Playbox only by the bluish theme it bestows to draw the line. This app has many HD movie content which can be enjoyed on your app and on any device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It is recommended that you use a larger screen size to enjoy the HD experience. It is a completely free movie streaming app.


  • Premium version not available for common features and usage.
  • The app is free of cost completely and the features are also not chargeable on any platform.
  • Unbiased picture quality.


  • App behavior may change anytime and the fine mode may not work at times.

Link to Download Playbox HD


2. Cinemabox

10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

Cinemabox is an app which you can blindly trust when it comes to movies. Just download it from the internet and enjoy all its amazing features. Kids features are just perfect for movie watching experience with family. With barely any issues around the app, you are just sorted to use it as an alternative for Showbox.


  • Works on all devices such as Android, iOS, Chrome Cast and much more.
  • It can work in offline mode giving you flexibility at places where the network is an issue
  • Subtitles can be played to make the movie watching experience better


  • Cinemabox is not available in any of the official stores of Android and iOS.
  • You need a download tutorial to install the app

Link to Download Cinemabox


3. Bobby Movie Box10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

Bobby movie box is a great app for iPhone users as it helps them to watch movies on apps which are otherwise lesser for such an audience. Watch movies in HD and download them for later viewing as well. It is also available for Android so that no user is left out.


  • The app is available on both Android and iOS.
  • You can watch television shows also on the app
  • HD mode is available for a great viewing experience


  • The app is slow as compared to Showbox
  • You need to watch the trailer before watching the actual movie

Link to Download Bobby Movie Box


4. Popcorn Time10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

This is one app which has proved to be the best in replacement of Showbox. It offers support to Android, iOS and Linux systems to broaden its horizon. It is a quick app and has a great response time. You can change the language of the app and make it user-friendly. It has been known as one of the closest apps for Showbox.


  • The interface is easy and amendable for all users
  • It supports Android, Linux, and iOS user devices
  • You can connect smart tv to it for better viewing
  • Long list of subtitle languages available to view all sorts of movies


  • There is a bug in the app which makes it crash occasionally

Link to Download Popcorn Time

5. Flipps HD10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

Flipps HD is an app which has better collection for all kinds of movies including HD mode. You can watch movies and television series along with viral videos and music. You can download the movies on your phone and watch it later in offline mode without using your network. The quality of the movies does not deteriorate as it gives the same output in both online and offline modes.


  • Available on all leading stores to download and enjoy movie streaming.
  • Free app to download and stream movies online.
  • It has a feature to help you watch videos on your phone.


  • The app crashes intermittently which makes the movie viewing a little annoying

Link to Download Flipps HD


6. Streaming Hub10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

This app has a whole lot of content for movie buffs. You can enjoy all sorts of movies in each genre to download and keep it for later viewing as well. However, this app is restricted to use for Android users only. You can watch free movie apps for android on the PlayStore.


  • You can share movie links with others in a simple manner
  • Download movies completely so that you can enjoy every bit of it.
  • The movies work in all sorts of players available on the phone


  • The servers of the Hub streaming are very slow and movie viewing can be a pain at times.

Link to Download Streaming-Hub



This App is a paid service and therefore not popular among the major portion of users. But if you wish to a great movie experience, then you need to shell out something. It has a crisp video streaming session which you can privilege upon.


  • The quality is better than its competitors and this is what you are charged for
  • The content is huge which includes movies and TV shows


  • The app is chargeable
  • You need to have 1366 X 768 pixels to enjoy the high definition content.

Link to Download Sky HD

8. Hulu

10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

This app is a web-based app and can stream movies only with the help of an internet connection. This one feature may keep you irritated but apart from this, the app is very good for users who have a great connection.


  • Movies and TV shows available round the clock
  • You can connect it with Chrome Cast to make your movie experience a notch higher


  • Web-Based streaming makes it difficult for users without a good internet connection to view movies.

Link to Download Hulu


9. Stremio

10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

Stremio is a one-stop app for all your movie experiences. You can get all your movie content from various sources such as Amazon, Netflix, iTunes and many other popular sources available. It is a single app which is neat and tidy to give you a great experience.


  • The interface is very simple to connect
  • The app is responsive and works great on the iPad device
  • The streaming performance is very good as compared to other options
  • The app size is very small and can fit in any phone.


  • The app has no login option which means that security is a concern at times.

Link to Download Stremio


10. Crackle

10 Best Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS) - Showbox Alternatives 2018

Crackle is a well-known app which has a user base of 20 million. Just imagine the user base if it was extended to iOS and Windows users. It has a gamut of movie shows and TV series which users can enjoy each time. It is a movie apps for Android like Showbox and not for other platforms.


  • Subtitles can help you understand the content in different languages
  • Content quality is just great.
  • You can save movies on your device to watch it later
  • It is a free movie streaming app


  • It loads new content once a month which means you need to wait for a month for new content.

Link to Download Crackle

You can take a note of all such Showbox alternatives for movie viewing and enjoy it to the core. Watch free movie apps for Android, iOS and any other platforms as well.

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