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Top 6 Best Free Apps to Stream Movies On iPhone or iPad in 2018

Top 6 Best Free Apps to Stream Movies On iPhone or iPad in 2018 Posted On
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Top 6 Best Free Apps to Stream Movies On iPhone or iPad in 2018: After the spread of fast internet access, most people have become habituated to streaming media content than storing locally. However, streaming media is not restricted to your PC or Mac. The new smartphone streaming apps make enjoying HD quality videos and music on the move using mobile devices. iPad and iPhone users can use such streaming apps too, and some such apps come for free.

Top 6 Best Free Apps to Stream Movies On iPhone or iPad in 2018

Listed below are the top free streaming apps for iPad and iPhone:

1. SnagFilms

For hassle-free and nonstop movie streaming on your iPad or iPhone, this is a great app. Using it you can enjoy watching full-length movies and TV shows on your iOS device. You get access to more than 5000 feature films, movies, TV shows and documentaries. You can pick from genres like romance, action, horror, kids flicks and many more. Movies in multiple languages like Spanish, Korean, and Russian are also available. The app has a watch list to which you can add your preferred movies for watching later. The best thing is this app remembers the point where you left a movie and resumes it from that point next time you launch it. Logging in with the mail and social media accounts is possible.


2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another worthy movie streaming app for iOS devices that does not cost you anything. It offers you a vast range of flicks to pick from- there are more than 40000 titles. You can watch a number of popular TV shows using this free app as well. With this app, you can watch some of the biggest blockbusters of Hollywood. It has a large collection of award-winning movies belonging to genres like comedy, action, animation, sci-fi, horror, etc. Using the app is simple and for getting started you need to use email id or your Facebook id. While watching movies you will see ads from time to time. However, the quality of the videos is quite good. The option to share the movie being watched by you on Facebook is there.


3. Sling TV

Sling TV is among the top rated iOS apps for streaming movies and TV shows. The app also covers 100 Live TV channels along with movies covering the main genres. There are on-demand movies. There are various paid packages for users with deeper wallets such as Sling Blue and Sling Orange. The app also offers support for multiple languages.


4. Showbox

Showbox app is also worth a try if you want to enjoy streaming movies on your iPad or iPhone! However, Apple removed this app for some reasons from the app store. It offers a wide range of free movies and TV shows. The nice thing is you can download movies and watch those later offline, without requiring an active Internet connection. To use the app, you have to install the vShare app on the computer and then connect the iOS device. Inside the vShare app, you have to locate the Showbox app.


5. Vudu

Vudu is a nice app to watch streaming movie content on iOS devices. Its range of free movies is impressive. Its titles are over 10000 and they cover all popular movie genres. You may also watch the movies on other devices using Airplay.


6. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is among the most top-rated movie streaming apps used by the iOS device users. It has a broad collection of movies covering genres like action, mystery, horror, romance, comedy, and documentaries. While the service is free, the viewers have to put up with ads occasionally. However, the ads do not actually spoil the streaming experience. The service is now available in 61 nations. The UI is nice and the range of movies broadens with time.



Apart from these apps, you will find many other movie streaming apps for iOS devices. While comparing and assessing such movie streaming apps you should use a few parameters. These are ease of use (fluid UI), the frequency of ads, multiple language support, video quality etc. It is advisable you try out a few such apps to figure out which one fits your bill the best. You may also check out ratings and user feedback in the App store.

Hope you liked the article Top 6 Best Free Apps to Stream Movies On iPhone or iPad in 2018, share your own favorite app on you stream movies!

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