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How To Watch The Hungarian Grand Prix For Free In Any Country, Online, Live Stream, and F1 TV

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The F1 Season is here, and the adrenaline rush is unstoppable! With a mere 8 points difference between the top two rankings, the next race at Hungary will be an exciting match.

The 70-lap Hungarian Grand Prix has always favored Lewis Hamilton. Nonetheless, it all comes to the team’s strategy, potential appearance, safety, and new techniques to win the race. While the free practice session one is on July 27th, the Friday, the race takes place on Sunday, the 29th. Not everyone is lucky to own the tickets to the venue. A better way is to see it live on television and mobile applications that stream live. All the major broadcasting companies cover the sport. All you need is access to the channel to view.

Full Schedule Of the whole The Hungarian Grand Prix 2018

Practice 1 Friday, July 27 at 11am (10am BST, 5am ET, 2am PT)

Practice 2 Friday, July 27 at 3pm (2pm BST, 9am ET, 6am PT)

Practice 3 Saturday, July 28 at 12 midday (11am BST, 6am ET, 3am PT)

Qualifying Saturday, July 28 at 3pm (2pm BST, 9am ET, 6am PT)

The GP itself is on Sunday, July 29 at 3.10pm local time (2.10pm BST, 9.10am ET, 6.10am PT)

You can view the race on the channel that is as part of your subscription plan or an on-demand service by paying a fee. Rather than going through all such troubles to see the event, you can watch the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix for free. You can do so by having access to RTL.

How To Watch The Hungarian Grand Prix For Free In Any Country, Online, Live Stream, and F1 TV


When coupled, VPN and RTL provide you the opportunity to see the F1 without the need to pay a dime. You can do so in three simple steps:

  1. Opt for a VPN server from Germany and sign up, as they offer the Internet at very high speeds
  2. Upon signing up and connecting to the VPN, you will be hiding your IP address and location and appear to be residing in Germany
  3. Now, open RTL and watch the Grand Prix

Why is VPN important?

VPN or Virtual Private Network helps in altering your IP address. Not all the countries allow free streaming of the race because of the laws. In many cases, you can face criminal charges too! So, with the help of the VPN, you are routing the connection securely using a different server. The process is safe and protects you from the risk of data mining and hacking.

Why pick RTL to watch Hungarian Grand Prix?

RTL, based out of Germany, is a channel that streams the F1 season without subscriptions or payments. It also includes the practice sessions, analysis, and qualifying laps. The only drawback that you will face is that you need to be present in Germany to watch the live streaming of the F1 race.

VPN and Germany

Now that you understand that VPN is essential and so do the location of the server from Germany to watch the Hungarian Grand Prix for free, you have to pick servers based out of Germany. Apart from the physical location of the server in Germany, you have to ensure that the VPN provider is offering higher streaming speeds so that there is no interruption during the stream!

A simple check will provide you with information about the selected VPN, the connection offered, reviews, and the encryption facility.

How to choose a Premium VPN without paying money?

Most often VPN providers charge a small fee to let you use their services. However, there are instances where you can skip it and obtain a paid version or premium membership for free. The answer – look for high-quality providers who are ready to offer their services as a trial or with money-back guarantee policy.

After signing up with the Premium service provider, you can watch the match for free from any country. You can cancel the membership before the trial period. If you are choosing the money-back policy, make sure to understand the clauses clearly and apply for the same beforehand to receive the money. Make sure to select a VPN that bypasses geo-blocks, offers a stable connection, and high speed.

After experiencing the use of the VPN to watch the F1 Hungarian Grand Prix for free, and the ease with which you can browse other content, you will feel bounded to continue the services by paying the subscription but of course no VPN service provider bounds you for this. You can sign up for a more extended period to receive discounts!

Check out the review of top five VPN service providers which do not keep any logs and can give a full uninterrupted access to 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix. These providers also offer excellent protection against privacy and data security breaches.

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