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Teamviewer Alternatives – The 10 Best Free Remote Desktop Software

Teamviewer Alternatives – The 10 Best Remote Desktop Software Posted On
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PC users use a multitude of software applications to get things done, based on their needs and situations. The remote desktop programs are used to control a desktop or laptop PC remotely through networking technologies. It is a feature that is embedded into the Windows operating systems, but third-party remoter desktop applications are also available these days. These applications are used mostly to troubleshoot PCs over long distance using a second computer.

The Top 10 Free Remote Desktop Software You Can Pick From

TeamViewer is among the most sought-after RDP applications, but it fell pretty to hacking exploits which dented its image. Since then PC users are looking for suitable alternatives. If you are looking for worthy remote desktop application alternatives to Teamviewer, there are many choices.

Listed below are the top Remote desktop programs you can use in lieu of Teamviewer:

1. CloudBerry Remote Assistant

This is a safe remote desktop application which uses SSL encryption for session security. The software is free and it is not resourced intensive. It offers support for voice and text-based chat. The application is fairly easy to use and setup. You do not really need a blazing fast internet connection to make this app work. It supports Windows 7 onwards and Server editions too. The machine needs to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 installed. The SSL-encrypted connection ensures secure remote desktop sessions.

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2. AnyDesk

This RDP application works actually better than Teamviewer, as far as session speed is concerned. This tool is especially effective when you want to access and use graphics and bandwidth hungry apps through remote desktop sessions. The software is free only for personal use and businesses have to pay for the license.

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3. Supremo Remote Desktop Assistant

This tool may not be as famous as Teamviewer but it has many things for a recommendation. It is a lightweight RDP software and that works in its favor.  The UI is simple and the learning curve is not at all steep. It also lets you establish more than one connection on one PC. You need not configure router or firewall settings to use it. The drag and drop operations make it ideal for users who are not tech savvy. You can try it for free before paying the licensing fee. It has versions for Android, iOS, and windows.

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4. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

 This application is included in almost all versions of windows, the hugely popular PC OS introduced by Microsoft. However, it is aimed at seasoned users and you have to tweak router settings to set the app and run it properly. It is handy when you do not want to install third party remote desktop control software. It supports Max OSX too.

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5. RealVNC

RealVNC has both paid and free remote desktop client services. The setup can seem a tad complex for some users. However, RealVNC scores owing to is the ability to deliver a secure, reliable connection. It supports almost all PC OS platforms. Encryption is available for data security and chat facility is also present.

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6. JoinMe

JoinMe is one of its kind online conferencing tool using which many PC users can connect with each other simultaneously. It supports both Windows-based computers and Macintosh based ones. The app also supports VoIP. There is one basic free plan and two paid packages. You get mobile apps and single click meeting scheduling.

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7. Splashtop

 Splashtop is another worthy alternative RDP to Teamviewer. It supports multiple operating systems and initial setup may take some time, but after that, it is smooth to operate. It has very low latency and so you can use it for video streaming over the network. The app can be used for free for 6 weeks. All its sessions are safeguarded with 256-bit AES and TLS. Additional safety features are two-step verification, device authentication.

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8. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is free RDP software and it is absolutely minimal in terms of footprint. It lets you chat over network remotely and you can use other apps too. There are paid packages for business users. Its simplicity makes the app a winner.

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9. LogMeIn Pro

This is another Teamviewer alternative RDP that you can consider. It has impressive and useful features like remote printing, Unlimited Remote Access, multi-monitor display, password management and 1TB file storage capacity. The 256-bit AES encryption is like icing on the cake.

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10. Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is a free yet capable remote desktop management tool for Windows. It is good for remote troubleshooting and instant file sharing. This Open Source app is light on system resources.

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As a matter of fact, there are many other third-party remote desktop access software that you can pick from. Examples include GoToMyPC, AeroAdmin, TightVNC, and ShowMyPC. Not all of these apps come for free. You should compare the solutions in trial mode to figure out which one suits your needs the best.

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