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How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)

How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc) Posted On
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It is quite amazing but true that Smartphones have become the ‘jack of all trades’ gadget used by people everywhere! They are being used for many other purposes than just making and receiving calls. In fact, most people now rely on their Smartphone to capture and share images than using standalone digital cameras. The optics and imaging technology used in these devices continue to reach dizzying heights and the iPhone has one of the best mobile cameras, beyond doubt. While using your iOS device (iPad and iPhone) to capture and store images, there are downsides too! Getting the iPhone broken in an accident or getting it submerged in water and losing all data along with stored images can be a perfect nightmare for any user.

Ways to recover lost images on an iOS device (iPhone & iPad)

The scope of recovering lost images from an iOS device depends on some factors- including the condition of the device and how the loss took place.

Recovering accidentally deleted images from an iOS device

A section of iPhone/iPad users have lost stored images by deleting them inadvertently. Thankfully, images deleted like this can be recovered minus much hassle. If you happen to be among these users, just start the Photos app and locate the button for albums at the bottom right section. Tap on this and you will see all albums stored on the device. An album named ‘Recently Deleted’ will be listed.How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)

By tapping on it, you can find all the images deleted in the last 30 days. To recover a set of photos or a single photo, just tap Select and then pick the photos you want to be restored. After selecting the photos, tap on ‘Recover’ at the screen’s bottom-right section.

How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)

Recovering images through your iCloud Account

You can make use of your iCloud account to recover lost images. If the device backed up the lost images to the account, it will be possible. When you configure iCloud for the very first time, the default setting ensures automatic backup of images during device charging periods. So, if you had charged the device either at home or at any public WiFi hotspot, possibly the images got backed up to your iCloud account by default. To check, just log into the iCloud account using a web browser and click on the Photos icon thereafter. You will see a list of backed up photos, including those lost owing to device malfunction or accidental deletion. However, remember the data limit for free iCloud accounts is 5 GB. How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)

Recover Photos by using iTunes Backup

If your iCloud account data limit has been reached, but you have been backing up the iOS device to a desktop/laptop by using iTunes, there is a scope of recovering images through the iTunes app. Just connect the iOS device to the device used for regular iTunes sync. You will get an option ‘Sync Photos’How To Recover Lost Photos On Your iOS Device (iPhone, iPad etc)

Let the sync run and the images lost since the previous syncing will get restored automatically to the iOS device.

Using third-party recovery apps

If none of the above-listed methods work, the only option left is using third party data recovery software for iOS. This can be necessary if you did not set up an iCloud account at all or the device is badly damaged. There are many such software available for iOS devices and you should choose carefully.

Ways to prevent photo loss on iOs devices

Would not it be better if you take preventive measures so that you do not loss images stored on the iOS device and get them back easily, in case of loss? For this, resort to the following steps:

  • By backing up your iCloud account regularly and look for data limit from time to time.
  • You may also use popular third-party software for recovering images. Google Photos is one such app and there many others too.

Simply follow the above steps, and you can recover your precious memories from any iOS device including iPhone and iPad.


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