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10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018 Posted On
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Privacy is an alarming concern in the digital age as data breaches and cybersecurity hacks are becoming common globally. Even your ISP and governments are spying on your every activity online. Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are monitoring your internet interests to customize their ads. Our smartphones, the majority of which are based on the Android platform, contain different kinds of important data. Along with contacts of people, there are personal photos, emails, text messages, bank information and many other kinds of confidential data. Compromise with such data can be a matter of grave worry and concern for anyone. If you are looking for solutions on how you can protect personal information or how to protect your identity on the internet, you can install certain apps which will provide protection to your smartphone or tab and can keep you anonymous on the internet.

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10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Mentioned below are 9 best Android apps which help in protecting privacy online:

1. NordVPN

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

With the help of a reliable VPN service, it is possible to maintain the privacy of all online activity as all data coming and going from the device remains encrypted and all internet traffic is completely secured. With the help of NordVPN Android app, all internet traffic is encrypted and re-routed for making the connection secured and private.

Download ExpressVPN


2. ProtonMail

The tracking features of Google not only extend to search. Gmail also has algorithms running behind it for better service. However, the problem with Gmail or other email providers is that they don’t provide end-to-end encryption. In this regard, ProtonMail offers secured alternative than Gmail or other email providers. With this app, it is possible to send password-protected emails, which get destructed or destroyed on their own after a specific timeframe. All the messages are encrypted and thus highly secured.

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Download ProtonMail


3. Signal Private Messenger

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Messaging apps need end-to-end encryption and this has kind of become a standard. The best example is that of WhatsApp. Another messaging service which needs special mention in this regard is that of Signal Private Messenger, which focuses strongly on privacy. It provides end-to-end encryption for all messages. All information is kept safe as there is no log storage and peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols are used in the same. No metadata is retained in any way in this app.

Download Signal Private Messenger


4. Find Your Phone

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

It might happen that you lose your phone, unfortunately. Find Your Phone is an interesting app on Android. Search ‘find my phone’ on any Google browser and you can easily locate the lost phone, lock it and call it. This helps in securing the account. There is also a callback number displayed on the screen for the person who manages to find the phone. If you are lucky, you might get your phone back.

Download Find My Phone


5. Hushed

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Smartphones are not only intended for getting and using the internet on the go. They are phones too for voice calls and these are initiated over wireless networks. It might happen that you hand over your phone to a sales representative and then you are bombarded with calls. This app, Hushed helps in creating temporary phone numbers so that the actual one remains hidden. This comes useful when you fill out a web form or post an ad on Craigslist. The app helps in managing multiple lines for business and personal use, creates alternate called IDs, etc. You don’t need to carry a second phone.

Download Hushed – Get A Second Number

6. Linphone

Not many service providers offer security for telephone lines. Likewise, most people worry only about a secure internet connection. And, this is why private internet access and most secure internet browser is given the most precedence. However, even the telephone lines of a business unit must be secure. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is used by many businesses because it is a cost-effective way of talking to employees based in remote regions. Instead of using conventional VoIP, using Linphone can help. Along with making VoIP calls, this app helps in sending files, texts, and images while being highly secure.

Download Linphone

7. LastPass – Password Manager

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Changing passwords of various accounts and sites that you access is one way of staying safe in the world of digital insecurities. But it is also true that remembering so many passwords can become a cumbersome affair. This app helps in remembering all the passwords and makes your work easier. All data is encrypted, thus it is ensured that all the data and information is safe. Reach your favorite sites and enter them with just one click without remembering the passwords.

Download LastPass – Password Manager

8. Norton Security and Antivirus

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

Apps for antivirus are not only for securing privacy. They detect and remove harmful elements like spyware and malware that have chances of locking out the phone or might spy on the data. Norton Security and Antivirus’s Android app has excellent features. It not only periodically scans the phone but blocks unwanted text messages and calls, locks devices remotely and helps in locating the device when lost.

Download Norton Security and Antivirus


9. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

10 Best Android Apps To Protect Your Privacy Online 2018

DuckDuckGo is an alternate search engine from Google, where no data is stored and it ensures that websites and apps which try to hold your data are managed properly. There is a privacy protection feature in the app which helps in blocking the advertising networks so that no tracking of your data is possible. It also compels sites to use an encrypted connection if available.

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


10. Private Zone Vault

The Private Zone is one of the most advanced privacy vault app for android. It keeps your private information and personal data secure in encrypted form. Using this app you can hide your personal apps like Whatsapp, personal photos, and videos so no unauthorized person could access them. You can also use their private VPN too which comes with the app to browse internet privately and lock apps. It has an inbuilt Phone Booster which can be used to clean up junk and cache from your android smartphone.

Download Private Zone – AppLock, Video & Photo Vault


Do you have personal experience with any of the above privacy and security apps, do share your experience in the comments section below!



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