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Best 5 Cloud Torrenting Service Of 2018

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In the recent years, the rate of adoption, as well as popularity of cloud services, has shot up considerably. From SMBs to large companies and individual PC users, all are embracing cloud services for various needs. You will find a plethora of security solutions, backup services, office productivity suites, and even graphic design apps, all being offered through cloud SaaS (Software as a service) form. Giants like Adobe and Autodesk have also switched to Cloud services. So, why not do the same for Torrenting! Using Cloud Torrenting service can be useful from many perspectives.

Understanding numerous advantages of using Cloud Torrenting in 2018

Some of the biggest advantages of using Cloud Torrenting are mentioned below:

  1. The first advantage is you can save precious hard disk space along with bandwidth by using these services.
  2. The speed benefit is quite perceptible. The torrent gets downloaded by a server in some data center which ensures fast uplink/download speed. Cloud torrent services run on dedicated servers with faster unlinks compared to typical home connections.
  3. Connection is encrypted-which heightens the level of security.
  4. In case you choose a torrent which has been downloaded by other users, it gets available for streaming almost instantly. This is owing to the fact cloud torrent sites store cache of the popular files on their servers.
  5. You can stream those files to directly without requiring the download to finish.
  6. The media you downloaded, become available across all the devices you use.

Best 5 Cloud Torrenting Service Of 2018

There are several torrent cloud sites and you can compare their features to understand which one suits your usage requirements the best.


Offcloud is not like run of the mill cloud torrent service providers. It lets you download literally all types of content you can find on the web. The biggest advantage of this service is it integrates seamlessly with YouTube. Usenet integration is something any user will love, though the daily download limit is set at 20 GB. Offcloud has a web UI that is simplistic and the dashboard clearly indicates remaining space and bandwidth. The free trial comes with 10GB of data limit and 3 links. It supports FTP, SFTP and popular cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. It may seem overkill at $59.99 per year, but Offcloud offers unlimited bandwidth and storage.


  • THE GOOD KIT ($9.99/month) – Unlimited
  • THE USEFUL PARTNER ($59.99/year) – Unlimited



Best 5 Cloud Torrenting Service Of 2018

If you want a reliable and fast cloud torrenting service, is definitely a good contender. Its service is faster than many others and you can stream your media to many devices- including Kodi, Chromecast, and Apple TV. The free account allows you to download one torrent a day. The interface looks nice and it is compatible with mobile devices too. It is quite affordable with an entry-level plan costing $5/month having five download slots and 30GB of storage. The paid plans of Bitport bundle in anti-virus scanning and HTTPS downloads.



  • Free plan – 1 GB
  • Small plan ($5) – 30 GB
  • Standard plan ($10) – 100 GB
  • Big plan ($15) – 250 GB

Visit Bitport Website


03. Seedr

Seedr is one of the best cloud torrent services with the Spartan interface but superb usability on both mobile and computers. The free tier has data storage capping of 2 GB but you are free to try different amount of files. In terms of speed, it can leave rivals like Bitport behind. It lets you download torrents at blazing fast speed and thereafter you can stream your media onto a wide range of devices. The paid plans begin at $6.95 a month. The service turns magnet links into direct links that you can download fast.


  • Basic ($6.95/month) – 30 GB
  • Pro ($9.95/month) – 100 GB
  • Master ($19.95/month) – 1 TB

Visit Seedr Website


04. Torrent Safe

TorrentSafe is ideal if you are looking for a torrent cloud storage free service. The free plan limits you to a monthly limit of 10 GB and 3 torrents. There is a paid plan which costs as low as $3.33 /month and that brings unlimited torrent size and storage. Its USP is simplicity and ease of usage. The best thing is you do not even need to log in or sign up to use the service. The files stay on their servers for a limited defined time period.


  • Basic ($0/month) – Free limited 30 GB
  • Annual ($3.33) – Unlimited File Storage
  • Subscription ($3.96) – Unlimited File Storage
  • 1 Month pass ($5.69) – Unlimited File Storage

Visit TorrentSafe Website


05. is a nice, simple to use Cloud Torrenting service you can consider. There is no free plan, but the paid packages offer ample storage space, ten torrents slots, and SSL encryption. It supports a lot of popular cloud-based services and Roku. It also lets you fetch different types of videos from sites like Vine and YouTube.


  • One Day Trial ($0.99/day) – Limited
  • 100GB Plan ($9.99/month) – 100 GB
  • 1TB Plan ($19.99/month) – 1 TB
  • 10TB ($49.99/month) – 10 TB

Visit Put.IO Website


Of course, there are some other cloud torrenting services you can try. You may actually try free plans of these services to figure out which one meets your requirements well then subscribe to their paid plans to enhance the services.

Boosting safety with a VPN

While using a suitable cloud torrent service to access and download media is convenient, you cannot overlook the safety aspect. To evade the rampant crackdown on torrenting services, you can resort to a VPN service. Using a VPN offers you both anonymity and safety from internet watchdog agencies. However, there exist so many VPN services and not all of them can be effective for safety and online privacy. The paid VPN services are better in this regard and you should ideally choose from those VPN services that offer zero logging. To find out the best VPN for torrenting, you need to compare a number of services and check out a few online reviews too.


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