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Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites Of 2018 [Updated List]

Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites Of 2018 [Updated List] Posted On
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These days many web users are stuck with limited or relatively slow internet connections and use torrenting sites to download diverse content that is huge in size because they are unaware of best web resources. While using torrent itself is not illegal –the rampant abuse of such sites and apps have resulted in the shutting down of most popular torrent services worldwide. A number of magnet download sites have already been shut while a number of new ones have mushroomed in recent times. Some of these new accessible torrent magnet sites are growing too fast as other old champions in this field are getting banned every day.

Some of these sites reincarnating through proxies but a normal user doesn’t put the effort in those and go ahead with directly accessible sites even if they are slow and has too less of seeders. This has become their rising popularity’s cause.  The biggest player of all after died is The Pirate Bay which is not even staying alive but maintaining its position of the most popular torrent site. If some of the links sites below doesn’t work that means the site is banned in your country or has moved to another domain address but don’t worry we will give you the trick to access these blocked torrent sites at the end of the article.

Top 10 Best Torrenting Sites Of 2018 [Updated List]

Listed below are 10 top torrent sites that you can access and download diverse content without any hassles:


It is one of the most popular torrent sites and user base has crossed 50,000,000. In its range, you will find torrents for several categories including movies, music, games and TV shows. The recent restrictions on torrenting services have failed to dent its image and usage. It was built by a community of activists called Piratbyrån back in 2003. A number of disputes, raid, and downtimes have pulled it down but The Pirate Bay has always reappeared like a phoenix!


RARBG.TO is thought to be the best torrent client for the users who want to download different types of movies. On an average, 1,750,000 users visit the site every month. Apart from a huge database of movies in its range, you can also explore an equally generous range of TV shows. It has been in the scene for 10 years now and the popularity keeps growing.


This is among the top torrent websites you can find these days. EZTV.AG is the destination for torrenting lovers who carve for diverse types of TV shows and movies. It is quite easy to use and the UI has a basic look. It has survived a hostile takeover attempt and continues to operate under a different ownership. It is however yet to include content outside movies and TV shows.

LIMETORRENTS.IO is among the top magnet link downloader online services you can avail these days. It hosts torrents in separate segments like Anime, Games, TV Series, and Movies etc. It is one of those torrenting services that update its range of torrents regularly. Users can figure out verified torrents and upload files.

TORLOCK.COM is ideal for first-time torrent users who are not much into technical aspects. It has an impressive content database which contains movies, software, games, music and TV shows. The UI is pretty simple and the service is quite user-friendly. It indexes over 3 million torrents. The download page is pretty helpful.


If you are weary of trackers, icons, and ads found on most of the torrent sites, is what you require. It has a really simplistic UI and torrent organization in the site is quite good too. The security concerns once associated with the site, no longer exist. The trending section is where you can find the most popular torrents of the week.


There are several torrent users who frequent torrenting sites for music download. Formerly known as Torrentz, it was down for some time and then resurfaced as Torrentz2eu. top. The number of torrents has gone down, but the site is still quite popular with the users.


YTS.AG is a torrent destination for the movie buffs.  You will get enough seeders and quick download links. In its database, you can find movies in varying resolutions and file sizes. It has a visually appealing UI with the search function.

ZOOQLE.ME is a relative newcomer to the league of torrenting services but it has carved a niche fast. To use its service, creating an account is compulsory. Its growing number of torrents has contributed to its success. It has over 3 million verified torrents.


Your was set up back in 2009. It has a good range of content and UI is simple to use. It may not be as popular as RARBG or Pirate Bay but the user base is significant.


Disclaimer: There are many other online torrenting services too. However, not all of them are safe and there can be legal consequences of using some of these services. You should check out the facts before selecting any such torrenting service/app.


If you are unable to access any of the above sites then it’s possible that they are blocked in your country. To access blocked torrent sites you can use VPN services and switch your IP to some other country where these torrent sites are not blocked. Using VPN sites will also make you secure of monitoring by your ISP and government authorities. But the biggest question is how to choose the right VPN service which doesn’t keep your usage logs. I have written a detailed article specifically on VPN services only, if you are interested then you can go directly to the article clicking anywhere on this line.


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