5 Best Alternatives To Google Search Engine Which Do Not Track You

5 Best Alternatives To Google Search Engine Which Do Not Track You

What began as a thesis project for a couple of Stanford students back in 1996, has evolved into Alphabet- one of the largest technology conglomerates, listed on the NSE. Google started off as an internet search service and even after diversification into new avenues, a majority of its revenues come from web search related services and ads. Behind the façade of youthful branding and research into evolving web technologies, Google acts as a massive data mining enterprise. Google Search is definitely the most popular online search service in the world, but its intelligent algorithms and AI implementations effectively track you online and use your data.

The Top 5 Alternative Search Engines For Privacy-Conscious Users

If you are wary of Google‘s search and online services sneaking into your privacy, there are solutions! You can start using any of the below listed Google Search alternatives. These search engines may not look pretty, but they do a good job of safeguarding your privacy online.


DuckDuckGo is one of the best and most popular search engines which completely respects your privacy. This can be the ideal alternative to Google search. It does not collect information about your online activities at all. It is, therefore, the default search engine used for Tor Browser, a browser loved by the privacy-loving web users. All DuckDuckGo users get exactly the same results for used terms instead of personalized results. It also has a minimal UI and there are no annoying ads. It is available as a browser extension too. It also offers an infinite scrolling feature.

Search With DuckDuckGo – Privacy, simplified



Qwant, a French search engine serves the global users with foreign language deployment. It uses no tracker codes or does not tweak search results. However, it does recycle bing results. However, it gets revenues from buying made by users made on certain sites like TripAdvisor and eBay. It is functional and has a search shortcut feature. The search results are placed under 3 categories-Social, news and web. It also has a separate section for the music lovers.

Search With Qwant – The search engine that respects your privacy



StartPage is another safe choice for web users aware of data privacy. It lets you access Google search through a proxy to safeguard privacy! When you use this service, no cookies are used. It can be added to most web browsers and there are some theme choices as well. You can be assured of your IP address not being stored or tracked when using this web each service.

Search With StartPage Web Search



Searx is ideal when you want online browsing privacy and freedom from being tracked by websites and online service providers. Its code is freely available at GitHub. It gives you unbiased results from numerous online sources. It is used a lot by Torrent users. You get many options to enhance search results.

Search With Searx.me



Run by a nonprofit entity, SUMA –EV, MetaGer is a German online search service that offers English based service too. It enables you to make confidential untraceable searches online. It uses a proxy server to protect your IP address online. The third party entities cannot track you for ads either. Since this is an open source project, you may download the code and modify it.

Search With MetaGer: Privacy Protected Search & Find


I have discussed many times already that Google tracks most of your activities online. If you want to check what and how much Google knows about you can go through these 7 links. So it’s always better to stay safe and private if you don’t want to be tracked online.


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