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VPN Blocking in China – 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018

VPN Blocking in China - 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018 Posted On
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In an era when the debate over free and uncensored access to the web refuses to die down, some countries impose stricter censorship on the internet. Undoubtedly, China is among those countries that believe in imposing strict control over what its residents are allowed to do online. So, if you plan to visit China for some work or stay there for some time, you have to learn the means to bypass the govt imposed internet censorship! A VPN service is usually what most web users rely on, to bypass restrictions on websites and online services. However, in China using VPNs may not always work too!

Reasons to be careful about choosing VPN for use in China

When you want to use VPN services in China, you have to be extra careful and for credible reasons. Most people find tried and tested VPNs failing to work in China and other become slower than usual. This is mostly because of the infamous Great Firewall of China- the country’s firewall and vast internet censorship framework. It blocks access to popular websites and online services including the likes of Gmail, Facebook, Google search, YouTube, Netflix, etc. So, you need to be careful about picking VPN services to use in China.

The 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018

Listed below are some of the VPN services that still work in China in 2018:


ExpressVPN is one of the top VPN service providers worldwide and in China, it is one of the most useful ones. Of course, it is not very light on the wallet, but it works better than most other options and that matters! The fact that it has a vast network of servers works in its favor. Most of the users agree about better speeds and consistent web access. Besides, the ExpressVPN app supports nearly all mobile and PC platforms and operating systems. You can use 3 simultaneous connections with it. It lets you access Netflix too and torrenting also works fine.


VPN Blocking in China - 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018

NordVPN is among the resalable VPN services that can bypass the restrictions imposed by the Great Firewall of China successfully. It is quite light on the pocket and supports six connections at the same time- which is commendable. It has servers in as many as 60 countries and allows torrenting. It is one of those rare VPN services that do not store user data after each session. It has versions for both Windows and MAC OS. Sadly, its iOS app can’t yet override the internet hurdles in China.


VPN Blocking in China - 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018StrongVPN is a VPN service that enjoys steady popularity in China-both by the residents and travelers. It has several servers in the USA and also in the EU. The desktop app needs improvement. You should try out the SSTP and L2TP protocols. It offers decent speeds and uptime is good enough. The subscriptions are backed by a money-back guarantee for 5 days. You can also use Smartphone apps.


VPN Blocking in China - 4 Best VPN for China That Still Works in 2018VyprVPN is another reliable and effective VPN service that you can use to override internet restrictions while staying in China or visiting the country. Its Pro version is more useful in China. This version comes with a special ‘Chameleon” protocol. Live chat support is offered by the company. It has Smartphone apps along with desktop clients and pricing is somewhat steep.

Apart from these VPN service providers, you can try out contenders like Buffered, a Hungary based VPN Company and Astrill. Of these, the former lacks apps for mobile operating systems and some recent reports indicate its lackluster success rate in bypassing Chinese govt restrictions on internet service access. Astrill is quite popular in China and it offers individual and family plans for the users at decent rates.

What else you should know

It would not be a prudent idea to try out the free VPN services to access the Internet in China. They are mostly blocked by the Great Firewall of China and those who make past it are known for sluggish speeds and bandwidth capping.

The paid VPNs may not always perform consistently when you use them in China, as it is. This is because the so-called Great Firewall deploys various tactics to block VPNs. You can find success by changing servers and VP protocol from time to time.


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    I’ve been to China three times and each time I used NordVPN. Before purchasing I didn’t know anything about VPNs in general, just went with my gut. Never tried other three services in this article, but I don’t think I have to as long as Nord works fine for me.

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