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NordVPN Review: Why It Should Be Your First Tool To Privacy!

NordVPN Review: Why It Should Be Your First Tool To Privacy! Posted On
Posted By Parveen

In this digitized era where almost every function is carried out online, it becomes imperative to have a system in place which ensures that our data is safe and secure from malware and hackers.

NordVPN is one of the finest technologies available that help you secure your private data, and enables you to retain your anonymity while browsing and facilitates global connectivity without any restrictions. Here I’m going to give you full feature review of NordVPN so you can decide easily if it’s suitable for your requirements. The prominent features of NordVPN are listed as below:

  • Encryption of online activities: It retains your anonymity and allows you to browse any information without being tracked.
  • Protects data: It protects your private data from malware, hackers, and advertisers that might misuse it by surveilling your preferences
  • Global connectivity: It allows you to browse from anywhere around the globe and provides you with the facility of using censored and blocked websites. For example, no matter where you are, you can easily enjoy sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime without any restrictions.
  • High speed: It is usually believed that using a VPN will lead to slowing down your Internet connection. But NORD VPN ensures providing you with excellent data security without interfering with the speed of your Internet connection.
  • 6 devices with a single account: You can operate up to 6 devices like your computers, mobiles, and routers with a single NORD VPN account.
  • IP address protection: NORD VPN hides your IP address and instead shows the IP address of the VPN Provider. It prevents undesirable sources from viewing our website visits or our downloads and uploads. This also provides users with freedom of expression without inviting the wrath of antisocial elements.
  • User friendly: One of the best features of NORD VPN is that it is extremely user-friendly and hassle-free. All you need to do is register with a plan that suits your requirements and install the software within your system.
  • Customer Service: A dedicated 24/7 helpline service is available to you. Also, you can chat with our experts and clarify all your queries and technical issues in real time.
  • Applications: NordVPN provides mobile applications that are compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, Mac OS, iOS, iPhone, Ipad, Android TV, Chrome, Firefox.
  • 30 days of money back policy: This product offers a 30-day money back policy which pre-empts any reservations regarding the use of the system. Payments are guaranteed within a stipulated period.
  • Advertisement blocking feature: One of the major irritants that we come across while surfing the internet is the torrent of advertisements coming across the screens most of which are irrelevant and distract our attention from the tasks that we are performing. NordVPN enables us to cut clutter by blocking such unwanted advertisements.
  • No Logs: Nord VPN is very particular about customers’ privacy and doesn’t store any of their data.

The huge number of servers

 NordVPN has 4,400 servers in 62 countries and these numbers are growing continuously. A huge number of servers enable more bandwidth and better speed. The breakup of the servers continent wise is as given below:

  • Asia Pacific: 390 servers
  • Europe: 2192 servers
  • America: 2256 servers
  • Africa, Middle East, and India: 50 servers



NordVPN provides with three affordable plans that are as follows:

  • $ 6.99 per month for one year.
  • $ 9.00 per month for six months.
  • $ 11.95 per month.

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The latest additions

  • Kill Switch: Kill switches are an efficient and cutting-edge feature that protects your data and browsing activities when the VPN connectivity drops thus ensuring total safety.
  • NordVPN Cybersec: This feature filters content from malicious sites, blocking ads and tracking.

Though there are various VPN service providers available in the market, some of which are even free of cost, the safety of such services is not always full proof. Because managing a VPN is a costly affair, service providers may sell the user’s data for unscrupulous means. That is where NordVPN scores over most of its competitors by providing the best of services at reasonable prices.

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